There is no doubt that Halloween is a secular holiday. People dress up and gather to celebrate and party. However, Halloween does have its roots in something other than ghosts, goblins, or witches. The connection may surprise you: Halloween was born out of a Catholic religious celebration known as All Saints’ Day, November 1, and All Souls’ Day on November 2. Whatever the history, we can be sure as Christians, we have an opportunity to share the Gospel no matter what the history of a holiday is. Let’s share this prayer for Halloween as we share God’s good news.

Prayer if a Gift to be Used

Prayer is a gift from God. It is the most powerful tool we have in our spiritual arsenal. It can change everything.

It’s not enough to just pray for ourselves, though. Prayer changes things for other people too. We should pray for people we know and love, as well as those we don’t know personally.

Halloween gives us the perfect example of that. Whether we’re out and about trick-or-treating houses, or staying home and greeting little ones, we have ample opportunities to pray for others we encounter on Halloween.

To Celebrate or Avoid Halloween

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world.

There are two main approaches to Halloween: some Christians choose to ignore it, while others celebrate it. And then there are those who try to have their cake and eat it too by celebrating Halloween but not participating in its darker side.

In the western culture, it is associated with dressing up as ghouls and ghosts, trick-or-treating, and other things that Christians may not find appropriate. But if you’re one of those who want to celebrate Halloween without taking part in activities that are contrary to Christianity, here are some activities that you can engage in on this day.

  • Plan a party for your kids.
  • Go out trick-or-treating with them (even if they are older).
  • Set up a haunted house in your home or backyard (with lots of lights and no scary decorations).
  • Decorate your front porch with pumpkins and other fall decorations.

A prayer for halloween and others


As we approach Halloween and the days that follow, help us to keep our focus on you. May the gifts that you have given us in the past be reminders to us of your generosity, your love, and your faithfulness.

May we discover ways to use those gifts for your purposes, including the gift that each of us has been given – the opportunity to love others, including those who may not know you very well at all.

Help us to recognize that, even as children and their parents celebrate Halloween this year, there are others who may be tempted by the darker side of of what Halloween represents. May we find ways to brighten their lives so that they too may see and appreciate the beauty of your grace

And as November approaches with its observance of All Saints’ Day, help us to remember those who are no longer here with us, who once served you with great devotion. They remind us of how blessed we are to belong to a community of faith in which so many have gone before us into glory.

May we use this time of year to celebrate your goodness and blessings and share them with others.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Transform Halloween Through Prayer

Halloween is a time to break down barriers and connect with the community around us.

Children grow into adults and they begin to forget, but we can help them hold on by creating opportunities for them to make lasting memories. As believers, we are in a unique position to transform Halloween, helping this night that many view as evil, become a way for kids and families to connect with Godly things and learn about the hope found in Jesus Christ, and see God move.

May this prayer for Halloween transform you and your family and friends this season and bless others who you encounter.

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