All In For Him: Twenty-One Devotions for College Athletes

Becoming A Victory Girl: Staking Your Claim in The Kingdom

Becoming a Victory Girl: Staking Your Claim in The Kingdom will help you fully walk out your God-given destiny in the Kingdom of God. Amy Elaine shares her sure-fire battle plan to become a Victory Girl and stake your claim. The enemy wants to steal and destroy your destiny, but you’ve already been made victorious in Jesus Christ. Now is the time, master the skills needed to defend your territory and walk in your full destiny by becoming a Victory Girl.
Daily Devotion – The Victory Girl

Daily Devotion – The Victory Girl

Don’t be afraid to ask Him for what you need. Yes, we’ll have ongoing battles, but we fight with supernatural weapons. While the battle rages on, we stand!

Daily Devotion – The Art of the Aim

Daily Devotion – The Art of the Aim

We have supernatural weapons; they’re hand-made by God, ready for use, and at our disposal. We must learn how to wield them with supernatural strength.

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