Hallelujah! Blessed is the person who fears the Lord and is happy to obey his commands.

His descendants will grow strong on the earth. The family of a decent person will be blessed.

Wealth and riches will be in his home. His righteousness continues forever. [vss 1-3]

Light will shine in the dark for a decent person. He is merciful, compassionate, and fair.

All goes well for the person who is generous and lends willingly. He earns an honest living. He will never fail.

A righteous person will always be remembered. [vss 4-6]

He is not afraid of bad news. His heart remains secure, full of confidence in the Lord.

His heart is steady, and he is not afraid. In the end he will look triumphantly at his enemies.

He gives freely to poor people. His righteousness continues forever. His head is raised in honor.

The wicked person sees this and becomes angry. He angrily grits his teeth and disappears. The hope that wicked people have will vanish. [vss 7-10]

(Psalms 112:1-10 GW)

Cliches are so….cliche! And yet so many are used and overused. Why? Because talk is cheap. I know, that’s a cliche on its own but it’s true.

Thoughts are expressed in words but words are empty when left hanging in the air. If we say, “I’ll call you,” or “I’ll pray for you,” but never do, these are empty words.

Another overused expression is, “If you talk the talk, ya gotta walk the walk.” There’s truth there but most people who are doers don’t talk about it. They just do.

This psalm reminds us of the nature of real righteousness. It’s connected to a trust in God. Faith—a personal trust in God—is based in relationship with God and an understanding of His nature.

The fear of God—not anxiety but awe and respect—motivates a person to live as a reflection of God. God is merciful, compassionate, and fair. Their relationship and trust in the Lord carry over to their day to day life in relationship with others.

Trust brings confidence. When I trust God with my whole life, I’m confident in who He is and know He will honor my trust in Him. God by nature is generous and faithful, so I can be generous to others with what God gives me.

My heart will be secure, steady, and unafraid. I won’t worry about today or tomorrow because of my trust in the Lord. The more I trust, the more confident I am in Him and free to be generous.

I won’t need to talk about it or tell others how they ought to be generous. My life will demonstrate my trust in God and generosity will flow out of my trust and fear—my awe and respect—for God and His faithfulness and goodness to me.

Do you struggle with trusting God? Do you have a true and right fear of God?

When your trust in God is reflected in your life, your actions and ways will speak for you.

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Trip Kimball

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