You will not need to fight in this battle. Just stand still in your places and see the saving power of the Lord work for you, O Judah and Jerusalem. “Do not be afraid or troubled. Go out against them tomorrow, for the Lord is with you.” 2 Chronicles 20:17 NLV

The Battles We Choose

There are days when we wake up with an energy level we can’t explain, prepared to take on any battle the day or the enemy may bring.

On these days we’re even prepared to persevere through some of the hardest battles and the darkest battles we’ve walked ourselves into.

This isn’t about those battles.

This is about fighting bigger battles.

This is about when you’re doing all you can do to maintain. It’s about the days when you’re hitting your knees in the morning in prayer; counting your blessings throughout the day and laying your head on your pillow at night with a heart filled with thankfulness.

And then…

Suddenly you find yourself fighting a battle you didn’t see coming. A battle unlike the others because it’s a battle so big, you have no idea how to face it. A battle so unexpected, you had no time to prepare. A battle so overwhelming, you may be considering surrender.

When the Battle Chooses You

The battle that’s coming against Jehoshaphat in this scripture is one of these battles.

Fighting a battle against not one but two armies. Facing a battle that is less than one day away. Facing a battle with no time to prepare.

A friend reached out to me last week and asked if he could meet with me to discuss a battle.

He shared with me that he recently reached out to his employer to discuss his level of involvement and future with the organization. He shared with me that he expressed a desire to have a deeper involvement and the ambition to become more involved with the team.

He shared that what resulted was a battle he didn’t see coming. A battle that shocked and surprised him. A battle that was bigger than him. A battle that chose him and he had no idea what to do.

My friend shared that after giving what he described as blood, sweat, and tears layered in countless hours of dedication and loyalty, that in his shock, he was let go from the organization. With an apprehensive laugh, he said, “it’s the first disciplinary action I’ve ever initiated against myself.”

Fighting Big Battles with a Bigger God

My friend and I dove into this scripture with discussion and prayer. We came full circle at the end of our visit that we often fight big battles that seem to choose us.

As in scripture, we must lean into our faith walk and trust in the promise that, in the battles that are bigger than us, we rejoice that we will not have to fight them. We are assured that when we stand with God, we get to see the deliverance that the Lord brings when he fights the battle for us.


“Heavenly Father thank you for fighting the battles that are bigger than me. Lord, thank you for the promise of deliverance when my worldly vision sees defeat.  Thank you for victory when the enemy tells me I’m crushed. Give me supernatural strength to grow stronger in my faith in you through the big battles. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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