Sarah went to the grocery store today. She had family coming in town and nothing to eat, so she piled up her buggy to prepare a feast. By the time she finished shopping she had two carts full of groceries and other necessities.

As her things were bagged and she began to check out, she saw that she was spending the last of her money on this “shopping spree.” As she began to hand the clerk her card, the clerk smiled and wished her a great day. Puzzled, Sarah attempted to hand her the card again. The clerk again wished her a great day and did not take her card, telling her that someone paid for her purchase weeks ago.

As silly as that example may seem, it’s simply what Christ has done for you and me when it comes to salvation. All the baggage I’ve piled up, has already been paid for many many years ago. There’s no layaway except my own delay to accept Christ. There’s no 20 items (sins) or less salvation. It’s simply accepting I’m a sinner and that Jesus has came and died for my sins. It’s needing and believing. Knowing that I needed Christ and that I needed saving in order to spend eternity with God. It’s believing that He is the only way to God.

Christ had to come to make me right with God. And when He came to live, die, and be resurrected, He defeated death. Because of that, I will give and live my life for Him. He has done the work and paid the price for my sin debt. I need Him, believe that!

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Chanel Moore

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