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Then Peter began to speak: ‘Now I truly understand that God doesn’t show favoritism, but in every nation the person who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to him.’ (Acts 10:34-35 CSB)

After recent events in the United States, I needed to read this Scripture and allow it to settle within my spirit as a reminder of how God feels about His people. As an African American woman working in a professional world where, in almost all settings, I am considered a “minority,” I felt Peter’s words sharpen me as iron encouraging me to persevere in the most racially, politically, and economically charged environment I have ever experienced. I would have never imagined the start of a new decade would fuel a sense of reverse thinking. I imagined this year being more about vision and forward progression, but unfortunately, I see veiled blindness and systemic oppression. Many times I find myself asking the question, “How did we get here?”

Display Equality By our Actions

In this verse, Peter reveals that with God there is no partiality, which tells us there were those who did not believe this. If this was occurring so many years ago with a different group of individuals, I wondered if it is our time as the Church to remind others there is no prejudice in God. “How can we do this, Lord?” I prayed. In my mind I saw the words, “Through our actions.” If there is no partiality, favoritism, bias, or prejudice with our Heavenly Father who created us, then where did we get the notion this should ever exist in the first place? The enemy, also known as the great deceiver. This is so apropos during this season where the love of many has waxed cold, lawlessness abounds, and hearts are hardened.

Then I remembered who we as the body of Christ belong to and how He feels about us. As we are still battling the decisions of those who came before, let us not forget how our Creator feels about us. He even came to ensure we are all set free. He did not save His salvation for one race, creed, or political party. He came for all, but we must love and believe. As we continue to grow deeper and stronger in God, let us put the Word to work and literally be the hands and feet of Jesus. Let us rise to the standard of equality, and let it start with the actions of you and me.


Heavenly Father, protect us. Be our Guide through this wilderness and valley. Heal our land and help us to persevere; to not grow weary in well-doing, and seek You first. Let us be mindful of our actions, our thoughts, and our walk. Give us the courage to be bold, but provide us with the sensitivity to recognize where we fall short. We are so grateful there is no bias with You and let us use You as an example for the way we should live our fleeting lives each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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