In August, I’ll plant my first-ever fall garden. After decades of gardening, it will feel like a weird adventure.

I’m used to planting in the spring, when mornings are cool and sunlight is gentle. But I’m trusting the experts who say you must plant in hot and humid August if you want crisp greens, succulent peas, and fat squashes in October.

Why is this my first year for a fall garden? Because this spring and summer, I’ve been preoccupied with a major project. I haven’t had time to devote to my regular patterns of planting, watering, weeding and spraying. The work that feels so familiar to me.

Awkward Seasons

Quite frankly, the timing of my project deadline couldn’t be more challenging. Since my children were born, my summers have been dedicated to fun-filled days with them. This year, God called me to work hard all summer long. He determined the timing—not me.

Maybe you’re in an awkward season where the timing feels off. You may feel like it’s not the right time for this challenge to which you’ve been called. You’re quietly hoping a harvest will come later, when you will see the fruit of your hard work.

Unusual Timing

Peter must have been weirded out by Jesus’ request in Luke 5:1-11 NLT. He was washing his nets on the shore of the Sea of Galilee after a long night of fishing with no results. Jesus told Peter to go out into deeper waters and throw his nets out again to bring in a catch.

Peter was a time-tested fisherman. He knew what he was doing. Through years of experience, he was familiar with the best times of day to fish. Daylight wasn’t the right time to fish with nets in the deep. Jesus’ request went against everything he knew to be true.

We are like Peter. We sometimes think we have it all figured out, according to our own experience or the world’s standards. We often believe we know the timeline our lives should follow, and which choices make the most sense. But Jesus wants to trust Him more than we trust our schedules. He calls us to deeper waters for an untimely harvest only He can provide.

Trusting God for the Harvest

Peter agreed to Jesus’ request. He and his friends sailed out into the deep. When the men pulled the nets in, they began to tear at the heavy weight of hundreds of fish. Both fishing boats faced the threat of sinking since the harvest was miraculously enormous.

Luke writes that Peter was “awestruck,” and James and John were “amazed.” These seasoned fishermen learned something new: Jesus is Lord over all time. The three men instantly followed Jesus after they landed, leaving the untimely harvest for others to enjoy.

I’m trusting that God is using this awkward season in my life to supply a rich harvest in the perfect season next year. I’m believing that if I faithfully obey Him now, He will open the door to great abundance in His ideal timing.

Enjoying the Harvest

If you’re in a season that feels weird and maybe even wrong, listen for Jesus’ voice calling you to deeper faith. Surrender your timeline, plans and dreams to Him. Trust that as you follow Him, He will bring about an amazing harvest in due time that will strengthen you and bless others.

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Sarah Geringer

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