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Then I’ll punish their slave masters; your offspring will march out of there loaded with plunder. Genesis 15:14 The Message

You may be wondering what’s the point of all this warfare. You might be asking yourself the same questions I found myself asking in the process of becoming a Victory Girl. Questions like: What’s the take-away? When we walk victoriously out of battle, what have we actually gained? Is it just another W in a lifetime of battles we face or is there something more? What about battling for the booty, the bounty, the spoils, the plunder? The answer: Yes, there is more.

There’s bounty in every battle.

God’s Word confirms that when we engage the enemy, we won’t walk away empty-handed. There is much more than a Victory to be had; there’s an abundance of blessing. We were made for more. More than occupying our territory and routing out the enemy, we were made to take back what’s been stolen from us. And as a bonus, we get to gather up the bounty left on the battlefield as provision for our next assignment. Our covenant relationship with God ensures we are not only His children, but we are co-heirs with a mighty big inheritance too. Covenant, in the Bible, is a really big deal. God takes it very seriously. The Lord’s covenant with Abram is one of the first times we see the concept of inheritance attached to our faith.

And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith. Then the Lord told him, “I am the Lord who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land as your possession.”
Genesis 15:6-7 (NLT)

Within God’s plan, there is this idea of being brought out from one place in order to be brought in to the place God has set aside for us. God continues in this text by telling Abram that while His people will face slavery and bondage, they won’t walk away empty-handed.

I love that so much! We never walk away empty-handed from our battles! There is always something to glean and a blessing with our name on it. It’s always worth our while because God never wastes a thing. He takes our ugliest battles and makes something beautiful; He calls it a blessing.

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