Be Still and Know

I love when I am able to check things off on my to-do list, don’t you? Yes, I’m one of those people who love accomplishing things. I’m an action-oriented doer. I’m a “Martha!” You know, the story in Luke 10! There were two sisters (Mary and Martha) who invited Jesus into their home. Mary was still, sitting at the feet of Jesus soaking in every word. Martha, on the other hand, was busy getting things done. (You go, girl!) It’s excruciatingly difficult for me to just be still.

When I’m in my zone of accomplishing all I have set out to do, the last thing I want is to have to put the brakes on. That is why it is so frustrating when my momentum comes to a screeching halt. I admit, I can get so lost in my activity that I lose sight of what’s really important.

I have a son who has autism and is considered mentally handicapped. He is inarticulate and unintelligible for the most part. Even without a word, however, he declares Who God is in such a profound way. But if I am up to my eyeballs with activity, I would miss it. That is why I so desperately need the reminder in Psalm 46:10 to be still and to know that He is God. Psalm 23:2 tells me that the Good Shepherd (Jesus) “makes me lie down in green pastures.” He has to make me lie down and be still, or I would just be bursting with frenetic energy throughout my day. My son’s various disabilities make me slow down and to see God all around me.

When I am still, this is what I have discovered about God through my disabled son:

God Can Be Seen in His Creation

My son loves the weather. It’s something he talks about all day, every day. He repeatedly asks me to check the weather app on my phone to tell him what he can expect for the day. Sometimes he wants me to check the weather from one hour to the next.

But, if I am still, God shows me Who He is even in the weather. The boisterous thunder clap speaks of His majesty and His greatness. The gentle rainfall speaks of His constant provision. The sunrise speaks of His faithfulness. When I lay my head down on my pillow at night, I never even question if the sun will rise again the next day. Just like the sun, He is faithful to show up in our lives again and again.

God is All About Community

My son has been known to follow us around the house. Annoying? Yes, sometimes, especially when I am quickly going from room to room cleaning. Because of his disabilities, he has a difficult time figuring out what to do by himself, and he likes to be with us.

God is much the same way. He is constantly wanting to fellowship with us. He is with us as we take our kids to school. He is with us when we are at the grocery store. He is with us as we are doing laundry, and He’s with us when we are in a business meeting. He is constantly with us. He promised He would never leave or forsake us. He wants us to slow down long enough and to be still in order to know the nearness of His presence.

God is Passionate

At church on Sundays, if the worship leader plays a familiar song, my son has been known jump up and down, squeal with excitement and clap his hands. He grins his big, toothy smile and tells us he’s heard that song before.

God is even more passionate about us. He loves it when His children are loving their lives. He loves us when we find our enjoyment in Him. God is not just a passive observer in our lives. He is passionately involved even in the most minute details. John Piper said, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

If we take the time to be still, God will show Himself to us in a variety of ways. We just need to be still.

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Julie Holmquist

My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and together we have four boys: twins (18), a son w/ special needs (15) and our youngest (8). We love living in Colorado Springs!

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