Belonging to God’s Kingdom

Belonging to something is one of my most cherished experiences. In my past being a part of something intrigued me. Even though I wanted to belong to social circles, I never was comfortable around others. I feared rejection. And these insecurities grew stronger as I entered adulthood.

Today I’m grateful to share with you God has open Christ’s door, and I now belong to His kingdom. This eternal revelation taught me when I fail to rely on Christ then my sense of worthlessness returns with a vengeance. Without being a part of Christ, my actions and behaviors become unmanageable causing me to react to life in evil ways.

God’s calling is the most significant and dynamic message of my life. He made belonging to His Church (Christ) the greatest joy of life. Nothing brings me more enjoyment than living with Christ. God has taken my soul, given it to Christ and united it with His Spirit. I owe everything to God.

The Lord gave me eternal hope secured through my faith in Christ. And when I’m living in God’s will He showers me with His Spirit letting me understand I belong to Him forever.

Before God rescued me, self-centered fears got the best of me. My outlook on life was negative. I lived in isolation and never could shake my loneliness. And the more I relied on myself, the worse my life spiraled out-of-control.

When my life became hopeless, God snatched me out of the darkness and into His Light. God awakened me to His truth, and Christ removed my self-centered fears replacing them with Christian confidence.

God’s invitation to join Him is remarkable. It’s gratifying belonging to Christ’s church, and nothing the world offers matches this unbelievable joy. Nothing in the world satisfies my love for God. I owe everything to the Lord.

One of the neatest awareness of being a part of God is I’m never alone. Since the day God anointed me with His Living Spirit, my loneliness has taken a back seat. Every day I’m blessed to experience His presence and understand Christ is with me.

Don’t misunderstand me; I have times of discouragement but God never leaves me alone. His Spirit is alive inside me, and He never leaves without being connected.

Today I’m comfortable living in my skin without the fear of inadequacy. Now that God has placed me in Christ this gives me a spiritual courage strong enough to walk in Christian confidence. And when I keep Christ as my primary focus then my unwarranted fears melt away giving birth to a life anchored in eternal security. God will do the same to you!

Another excellent awareness of belonging to Christ is the connection I experience with other faithful followers. Many times, I have felt God’s Spirit radiating through the hearts of others. Every time I share God’s words with my brothers and sisters in Christ the closer I become with God. And this experience motivates me to carry Christ’s Gospel. I’m grateful for the brotherhood and sisterhood God has brought to my life.

God’s world is incredible! I hope you are experiencing the joy of having Christ as your savior!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

Devotion Written By

<a href="" target="_self">Walter Kahler</a>

Walter Kahler

I love sharing with others the impact Christ makes in my life. God rescued me from agnosticism. Today I no longer live for myself but Christ.

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