Fight the Good Fight

Lately, I’ve been tempted to let someone in my surrounding know how I felt in a few choice words. They willingly overstepped their boundaries, and I was not going to have it. Yet, that would have created a reaction in chain, and the results could have been pretty sour. I decided to choose my battles.

Often, we are given the opportunity to react in one way or another to what life throws at us. We can let it get the best of us and react in the moment. What if, we took a minute to breathe and look ahead to what our reaction could generate? I know it’s easier said than done.

What Then?

Reminding ourselves to fight the good fight of faith is sure to help. We can ask ourselves questions such as, is this a good fight? Is this a fight that brings life in the end?

In a marriage for instance, is it worth telling your spouse all that they do wrong at the exact moment they do what you consider to be wrong? How about encouraging them instead? Choose your marriage over perfection.

Or when a child is testing your limits, you can lose your cool or laugh it out and show them love until they get tired.

Take It Home

Prayer Holy Spirit, teach me to be patient and to recognize the stakes at hand. Give me wisdom and discernment to know how to handle life’s situation. Help me pick my battles so that I spread life around me.

Action Plan Think of a friend, a relative or a trustworthy person who you can call when the heat is on you. Choose someone who you know will not incite you to criticism, but rather will help you see straight and pray with you and for you. Invest in that relationship. If you can’t think of such a person, pray that God sends you one.

Devotion Written By

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Caroline Bellemare

My passion is to share God’s message and love. Wife to JB, and mother to Imela Christy. I enjoy traveling, books, and a good soy latte.

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