Visual Evidence

I’m about to be a grandmother. I tell you that not to gain your congratulatory wishes, but because it serves to illustrate this verse and spiritual truth in a vivid way. After all, my grandson is the unseen prize that just happens to be currently packaged in his mama’s cozy womb.

Naturally, I can’t see my little grandson except for the sonogram photos his parents have shared with his soon-to-be granddad and yours truly. But I can see the evidence that he is growing bigger and bigger by just taking a good look at my daughter-in-law. And one day, my grandson will be born and clearly seen by all who know and love him.

In a similar way, the Apostle Paul was trying to help us visualize and understand a spiritual conundrum of sorts through this mysterious truth and verse. Paul claimed that the way to see what is eternal and from God is to fix our eyes on what is unseen. That sounds like a contradiction, or even an impossibility.

I mean, isn’t it impossible to fix our eyes on something that isn’t even visible?

Just like my unborn grandson is packaged and hidden from view, you and I must realize God often packages His truths, blessings and provisions in unseen and mysterious ways. Sometimes we see growing evidence emerging in our lives. And other times, the inner workings of the Spirit remain completely invisible to the naked eye until they are born of God at just the right time, place and way.

So my first question to you is …

What do you currently see that are evidences of God working in your life? Is there something that has God’s fingerprints all over it?

Something that can only be explained by God being the Creator of growth, life and movement in your particular situation.

Identify and allow those packaged graces from God to encourage you in your faith walk!

However, what might be even more important for seeing the unseen is to realize that we must fix our eyes on the unseen with the eyes of faith (Eph. 1:18-19).

Unless we trust that God is who He says He is, has done what He claims to have done, and is working to birth much more in our lives in His time and way, we will miss these unseen blessings of God. They will remain elusive and invisible to us, and not just unseen by us.

Are you facing a time when God’s unseen blessings and realities have, quite literally, gone unseen?

Maybe that’s left you discouraged because there isn’t more evidence that God is at work in your life and situation.

Then I would ask you, what are you fixing your eyes on?

Because if it is on the “seen” and visible things in this life, then you need to look again with eyes of faith to see the eternal and unseen things of God.

Through your faith, God will open your eyes to the truth found in His word, to His love that never lessens nor leaves you, and to His power that grows even greater the more you surrender your situation to Him.

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Beth Steffaniak

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