Since we are surrounded by so many, we should get rid of anything that slows us down, all the sin that trips us, so we can endure and run our race. – Hebrews 12:1

It was because I read that verse from Hebrews right before, that I made the connections I did, and saw Psalm 1 from a different angle.

We most often read about and apply the idea of prosperity or being blessed, to ourselves. God will bless us with abundance. God will grant us prosperity in all that we do. It gives us comfort and hope to look forward to those things, especially when things are hard for us. However, what if it was meant to be applied a different way?

You see, the symbol of a tree is often used as God talks to us in the bible. (Matthew 3:10/12:33, Luke 13:6, and Psalm 1 for examples) Then, directly related to that imagery, almost every time, is the idea that a tree has fruit. Here is the thing to that. A tree does not eat its own fruit – others do.

When a tree grows strong, everything around it prospers through its prosperity. It is because its leaves do not wither that it can offer shade in the blistering heat. Think of it, what are you leaves? How do you offer protection against the wearying and exhausting heat of the world? In its animosity, you are gentle. In its argumentations, you are calm. In its demands, you are giving. In its judgments, you are forgiving.

Then your fruit – who and how many around you can be fed rather than starve? Not only that, but able to eat something that is sweet and refreshing. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us what a fruit of the spirit is – “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” In today’s world, all of those things are sure to refresh anyone who gets a taste.

Truly we are surrounded by so many who need Christ in their lives. They need to share in our prosperity. They need to have access to the healthy nutritious fruit that comes from the Spirit, rather than the hollow empty calories of entertainment, rumors and the drama the world offers. We are not here for ourselves, and God does not bless us with prosperity enough to bear an abundance of fruit to keep it to ourselves.

Our being blessed with prosperity is meant to be a blessing to others in every way we can be.

Lord, bless us more then, so we may more bless those around us.

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