Life tested Job and in the end, God allowed him to be restored.

Whether personally or witnessing the trials and triumphs of family and friends,  I have too many stories I could add.

What I’ll share briefly is Job had a choice in his response as we all do.

Grovel, Grind, or Glorify.

When we grovel it’s like saying I’m here to get the minimum crumbs.

While to grind is “I’m putting my all into getting what I can”, even if the amount is equal to the minimum crumbs.

To glorify, the focus becomes “I will accept whatever God has blessed me with”.

There will be times when tragedies strike and there are no words that can really encapsulate the feeling that everything will be fine.  But our presence and support are the words in action we can’t find.  When we can’t do anything to fix the situation, just knowing that and continuing to be a friend is one way Job recognized he still was blessed.

Job glorified God in feast and he glorified in famine. Some might have groveled or tried to grind it out.

Recognize the testing periods come via pleasure not just in pain. What are you going to do? Grovel, grind or glorify when it comes.

Be Blessed.

Devotion Written By

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Quentin Love

Quentin G. Love is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of ministers. None of that makes him a minister, just a P-K from around the way. Here to serve Christ via my gifts.

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