We are commanded in the Bible to praise God. For all He has done for us, there’s most definitely time and space to glorify the provider for our healing, our joy, or whatever it is that has shifted in our lives. Praise isn’t just reserved for when we love our life or have a great day. It’s for the difficult days as well.

True praise is the breath of our obedience. Ever present. It may be challenging at times, and others it may flow more clearly, but it shouldn’t be interrupted by life, mood, or circumstances.

What forms of praise someone uses varies, however, here are a few ways to praise the name of Christ Jesus:

  • Actions and Living: this outward expression is visible to the world. It has the ability to attract a non-believer or reinforce a struggling Christian, showing that we can depend on God in seasons of ease and of famine. We’ve seen those facing cancer, loss of loved ones still praise the Lord. It may seem counterintuitive, or odd until you begin to hit those moments of pure expression. That is when the praise and grace from above are able to sustain you in the midst of difficulty. Your living is His praise.
  • Giving: Tithing is absolutely apart of our praise. A church focused on doing Kingdom work operates on love, human effort, and finances. If you are being spiritually fed, have received aid previously, or want to continue to grow, giving is the praise that allows the house of worship to exponentially leverage the congregational funds. Giving may also include taking food to those without it. It can be providing transportation to those without it, but need to make it to work on time. Giving takes what God has blessed you with to new levels. Invest in the natural for supernatural dividends.
  • Song/Words: Any half decent airport will use the security mantra, “If you see something, say something.” Well if you have been secured by a miracle or blessing then say something. It doesn’t have to be at a church service or revival night. In your car. At the gym. He blessed you with that vehicle or with health. That’s praiseworthy! God loves to hear us honor Him. And we should praise Him. This is what’s commonly done but uncommonly performed on our own or in small groups.
  • Sacrificial Prayer: Who have you prayed for recently? Lifting up the needs of another person, particularly a stranger, is special. Placing the concerns of another before the Lord is a public proclamation that our hearts desire to open space for the advancement, success, growth of another facing calamity.

Again, these are all ways to praise the Lord continuously. During the week, jot down a list of 3-4 people you can figure out new ways to impact with your praise and comment below how it’s been after a couple of weeks. Watch the praise begin to bless them and you.

God Bless you and Thank you for sharing in this devotion.

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<a href="https://devotable.faith/author/qglove/" target="_self">Quentin Love</a>

Quentin Love

Quentin G. Love is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of ministers. None of that makes him a minister, just a P-K from around the way. Here to serve Christ via my gifts.

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