You don’t have to know it all when you’re anchored in Christ.

Thankfully, navigating the deeper waters in this life isn’t so scary when your soul is anchored in Christ. Diving into the deep and leaving the “shore” thing for the unknown becomes less risky as we realize God’s steering the boat. And, Hebrews 6:19 reminds us in Jesus, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Yes, there is hope even when we don’t know it all.

Because God is trustworthy, diving is our destiny. At some point in the vast ocean we call life, God tosses the anchor over and asks us to fully trust Him even in the unknown. Our destiny is in the deeper waters with God. Yet, we’ll miss it unless we get out of the boat.

We hadn’t had a deep conversation in years, but with some friends, going deep and fast is easy. It’s like that with my friend Betsy. She has a knack for stirring me up and helping me get my brave on. Although we’re the same age, she’s been my mentor in ministry life. I remember this particular conversation so well because it was time for me to step out of the boat.

I knew there were some deeper, bigger things I was supposed to be doing.

But, I was stuck asking all the right questions and trying to know it all before committing. I wanted a sure thing. I wanted to know all the details. As I recited, ad nauseam, all the reasons I was unsure about the unknown, Betsy reminded me sometimes things don’t make sense. Really, is there ever any certainty in the mysterious, unknown ways of God? My friend spoke the truth in love and let me know I still had to do my part if I wanted to walk in my destiny.

Yes, we take the first steps, get our toes wet, and wade out into the deep waters because that’s where we see God move in miracles. Our destiny is in the deep waters of the unknown where we step out of the boat and rely on hope. The hope of Christ within us which enables us to do the “greater things’ Jesus spoke of in John 14.

“I tell you this timeless truth: The person who follows me in faith, believing in me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do—even greater miracles than these because I go to be with my Father!” John 14:12 TPT

A short text changed my perspective. Still questioning, I realized I didn’t have to know it all. Finally, I stepped out of the boat.

I understood my hope, my hope is anchored in Christ

Ten texted words changed my mind about getting out of the boat and I’m hoping they’ll change your mind too.

“Surrender what doesn’t make sense for what is divinely appointed.” Betsy Falvey, ministry mentor, and friend.

Finally, I didn’t have to know it all.

I didn’t have to have the next year planned out or any appointments on my calendar. All I had to do was throw my hands up in praise to the One who has it all planned out. My part was surrender. It didn’t have to make sense because I’m not steering the boat. Jesus is the captain and He alone decides when it’s time to throw anchor and call me out into the deeper waters of trusting God in the unknown. He gets to decide when it’s my time to get out of the boat. Still, I get to decide if I’m actually going to take the first step.

We have amazing examples in the Bible of those who chose to find God in the deep. Noah found God in the deep when his faith met the floodwaters of Genesis 7:11. “In the six-hundredth year of Noah’s life, …all the foundations of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.” Unfortunately, Noah’s situation made absolutely no sense whatsoever. But his faith grew stronger in the deep waters of the flood. His dependence on the Lord was mandatory. And, as a result, Noah witnessed a miracle, the sovereign hand of God at work on the earth. The Message Bible says, ” …all the windows of Heaven were thrown open.” It rained for 40 days and nights.

What a beautiful picture of Noah peeking through the “windows of Heaven” to see the deeper ways of God. How could a flood make sense? How could a deadly storm bring cleansing and renewal? Noah teaches us it’s in the deep where we are anchored in Christ. He reveals himself in deeper ways to us with clues to the mystery of who God really is.

The Anchor of our Soul beckons us into the deep where God’s sovereign hand guides us into the unknown.

Why don’ t we have to know it all? Because when we see God’s character, we understand He is trustworthy. His character inspires us to step out of the boat. God inspires us to step out and do radical, life-changing things in His name. In the deep, we experience His Presence and He transforms us. When we see God’s hand at work in our lives, we get a new perspective. His perspective releases us from knowing everything ahead of time.

The deep waters are the breeding ground for intimacy with God. It’s here we receive a glimpse into the windows of heaven. We find hope to believe and strength to press on through the storms of life. In the deep, God reveals Himself to us and allows us to see things as He does. We trade our limited vision for His eternal perspective in our present circumstances. When we surrender what doesn’t make sense, we rise out of the deep with a new vision of where He is calling us.

Where is God calling you today? I want to encourage you to step out into the deeper waters of intimacy with Him? Go on, dive in with God and go on your own destiny-diving, water-walking adventure with Him.

Sure, it can be scary; there’s a whole lot of mystery in the unknown.

But, while the fierce tide threatens, there is beauty within the deep. David described the deep in this way in Psalm 42:7, “Deep calls to deep in the roar of Your waterfall; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

If you’re reading this, I know two things about you:

  1. You are longing to go deeper with God
  2. He’s calling you deeper into greater intimacy with Him because He has big plans for you

You responded, “YES!” when you started reading this today. I pray this devotion will lead you deeper in your relationship with God. I pray His sweet presence would engulf you and overwhelm you with hope that is anchored in Christ.

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary. Hebrews 6:19


Thank you, God, for being an anchor of hope for our souls. When the fierce tide rises, you steady us because you are trustworthy and strong. Lead me into the deeper waters with you. I want more of you. Engulf me in your presence today. Let hope overflow in my life as I trust you and get out of the boat.

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Amy Elaine Martinez

Amy Elaine writes a faith-based, Christ-centered blog inspiring people to live victoriously and walk in wholeness. She's an author, speaker, and radio host for Real Victory Radio.

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