Daily Devotion – How To Have A Powerful Christian Testimony
Your Witness Is More Powerful Than You Know
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Published On: June 3, 2019
Written By: John Stroup
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Now the Syrians on one of their raids had carried off a little girl from the land of Israel, and she worked in the service of Naaman’s wife. She said to her mistress, “Would that my lord were with the prophet who is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy.” 2 Kings 5:2–3 (ESV)

A Brave Girl’s Testimony

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your Christian testimony? While digging into the book of Kings I discovered a nameless slave girl that made me really think about this. The Bible doesn’t name her, but it does speak of her situation. She is a slave, but not just any slave. She is the slave of a high-ranking general in the Syrian army. Not only that, she is not a Syrian, but a Hebrew. She was captured in a raid.

Now I want you to think about that. This little girl was ripped from her homeland, and only God knows what she went through with a vicious army like the Syrians. Finally she ends up in the home of Naaman and belongs to his wife. She discovers that he has leprosy, and gives testimony that the prophet of God could help him.

What a brave girl. How much courage it must have taken to give that kind of witness to the very people who owned her. This is the part that gets to me. They believed her, and her witness went all the way to the king. Naaman traveled over one hundred miles with an entourage to Israel behind the testimony of that slave girl. Here is a few things that may encourage and convict some of you to always witness and continue to be the type of person who people will listen to.

Be the type of person that a lost person will listen to

Naaman was powerful, rich, had a good reputation, but was lost and without God in his life. He had something wrong with him nothing could cure. Why did Naaman listen to this girl? The reason he listened is because with all that she went through in her life she walked the walk. She was the type of person that had integrity even though she was a slave.

Remember that your Christian testimony matters

Think of this little girl’s life. She was just giving a small testimony of the power of God through the prophet in Israel. She may not have even said but a sentence. She could have just kept the witness to herself, but she didn’t.

I would be willing to place my bet that she did not think twice about her witness, but God used her testimony in a mighty way. Her testimony went all the way to the king of Syria. The king wrote a letter to the king of Israel, and was so effective that Naaman packed up for a one hundred mile journey.

Be brave, and continue your witness especially under difficult circumstances

You can tell what someone is made of when they are in the fire. It is easy to walk the walk when everything is going your way, but when things fall apart that is when people see what you are made of. This little girl made an impact on the family of Naaman due to the circumstance she was in.

Remember during suffering, persecution, and difficulties is when your witness is most effect brothers and sisters.

You never know how God will use your testimony

The faith of this slave girl convinced Naaman that there was hope, and her witness traveled all the way to the king of the country! Regardless of her situation she believed that there was a God who could move the mountain, regardless of what the world said about her God she believed her God could change this man!

One Man’s Testimony

I want to share with you how this has come true in my life. I was in prison with a man named Angelo, and he was one of those people who made a huge impact on my life. He was a Hispanic man that spoke with a strong accent. I gave my Christian testimony in chapel and Angelo came up to me on the prison yard (that is like recess for prisoners). He encouraged me, and got to know me.

He found out I didn’t have anybody, and used to bring me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during our yard time. I remember how encouraging Angelo was to me, and what an impact he made on the prisoners he came in contact with. He would walk the yard making up rap songs about Jesus with his big old headphones on, singing to the top of his lungs. He would stop other Hispanics, and share with them.

One day, Angelo shared his testimony with me. He said “Johnny (he called me Johnny), when I was in the free world I remember this man I worked with in a factory. He was a Christian and I hated him. He was always smiling, and sharing Jesus with everyone.

Me and my friends used to do whatever we could to make his life miserable. I remember one time we flattened his tires while he was at work, and he came to work the next day with brand-new tires and didn’t miss a beat. One day we went into the break room, and got into his lunch. We took his sandwich out of his lunch box and stepped on it. Then waited in the break room to see his reaction. Whenever he pulled out his sandwich he said, “Praise God, I don’t even have to chew my sandwich today.”

Angelo explained “when I came to prison, and heard the good news of Jesus Christ I remembered that man, and how I treated him. I remembered his witness, and it broke me. I came under conviction and gave my life to Jesus.

This man most likely will never know how important his witness was to Angelo. This man’s witness changed Angelo forever, Angelo impacted my life, and now I am sharing his story with you. One day in heaven you will get to see how important your witness was here on earth, and what God did with it, but for now God is using it far more than you know church.



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