Have you ever experience an emptiness inside yourself?  You’re not alone. I understand because loneliness is a familiar foe.

Most of my life I’ve chased after experiences trying to find satisfaction. Alcohol, drugs, and sex didn’t stop my loneliness. In fact, they became self-destructive activities that caused me trouble with the law and cost me my family’s affection.

Everything I tried to stop that feeling of alienation failed.

Nothing the world offers has the tools needed to overcome loneliness. Everything the world gives to find inner satisfaction is short lived. Money, power, and prestige can’t fill the hole inside the human spirit because their demands are relentless.

So, what’s the solution?


Loneliness is God’s invitation for me to pause and spend time in His presence. When I’m alone, it’s my responsibility to pray and ask for guidance. And when I reach out to Him with humility, then He embraces me with love.

Facing lonely times is unavoidable. For example, when a loved one passes away it’s a natural reaction to experience loneliness. Divorce is another circumstance that brings on isolation. Christ understands those life events will cause us to drift away.

But, by drawing closer to Jesus, we place ourselves in God’s hand leading us out of the lonely trap and into a life full of grace.

What if my loneliness continues to plague me even when I ask God for relief?

The first thing to remember is God’s timing is different. When God has yet to respond, I need to continue devoting myself to Christ. It’s my willingness to stay faithful that God takes notice and releases me from loneliness.

Another excellent action to take when waiting on Christ’s intercession is to help others. God wants us to take the focus off ourselves and give to those in need. And when we do this our renewed spirit is well worth the time spent because it leads us away from loneliness.

Here’s something we both can agree on; Christ never abandons us. And in lonely times when I trust in Him, it shows faith and captures God’s eyes.

It all boils down to this. Reliance on Christ under every circumstance, including loneliness, gives us the strength to overcome problems. Here’s the interesting part of faith. It releases the power of God leading to eternal hope. Remember without Jesus’ help life is overwhelming.

And the best part is committing to God’s word brings an inner peace so incredible it removes loneliness. How awesome is that?

How do you overcome loneliness?


Devotion Written By

<a href="https://devotable.faith/author/walt20/" target="_self">Walter Kahler</a>

Walter Kahler

I love sharing with others the impact Christ makes in my life. God rescued me from agnosticism. Today I no longer live for myself but Christ.

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