Hearing God

As the above passage proves to us and contrary to what we have gleaned from His closest followers’ behaviors, Jesus couldn’t have been more upfront with His disciples about the inevitability of His death and the eventual raising from the dead three days later. He actually told them point blank on numerous occasions.

For these very reasons, I have always been amazed to read of their shock when Jesus died and their subsequent astonishment when He rose from the dead. What is interesting to consider, therefore, is that this act of death and resurrection actually isn’t amazing, in fact, it should have been expected.

Why do I suggest this?

Because, it’s quite possible that the disciples did hear the words of Jesus, but because they didn’t want them to be true, they either ignored them or convinced themselves that that’s not what He was saying.

Isn’t this common?

Have you ever read the Bible, heard the voice of the Lord and ignored it or persuaded yourself He meant something else because you just didn’t like what He had to say?

Many times people have come to me, as a pastor, and revealed that they don’t hear God speak to them. One of the things I will ask is, “Are you sure He’s not speaking? Or is He speaking about something that makes you not want to listen?”

God always gives us a crystal clear message; often times it couldn’t be more obvious, but we end up having an aversion to the message he is offering, so we simply ignore it. We chalk it up as too fundamental or archaic or any other justification we can think of.

The disciples did it and Jesus’ followers have trailed those same footsteps ever since.

Instead, may we rejoice when we hear His voice, trust Him enough to obey straightaway what he says and not justify disobedience any longer!

Even if what He tells us is shocking or hard to swallow, like it was to the disciples, may we have the courage to listen and the faith to obediently walk in His commands.

Devotion Written By

<a href="https://devotable.faith/author/ericsouzame-com/" target="_self">Eric Souza</a>

Eric Souza

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Eric and his family moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2012 to plant Reach Jax. Since planting the church, the Lord has stretched, challenged, changed and blessed Eric. Much of his real life experience is seen in his practical and biblical devotionals.

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