If you are not excited to go to your church on Sunday mornings, the church is not necessarily doing church wrong…maybe you are.

Church isn’t about you, or me, or any of us. Sure, we receive amazing benefits from going to church, such as being fed by the Word of God, fellowshipping with others who love the Lord, and learning more about our Savior, but again, it is really not about us.

Church is about God. It is about what we can give to a perfect God, not about what we can get from a congregation of imperfect people. It is about worshipping a God who is so-much-more-than-worthy of the “sacrifice” of getting out of our comfortable bed and possibly putting up with some aspects of the service we find annoying. And yes, I will say it: When we go to church, we will most likely encounter irritating people, so it might just be time to decide that pleasing God is more important than trying to avoid being offended by someone’s conduct, lifestyle, or personality.

Remember, there are others who get out of bed and put up with us on those occasions when we might be the ones irritating them! We are all human, and I am surprised when I hear that certain people are the cause of someone choosing not to go to church anymore or not being excited about going each week.

Do we really expect to find perfect people at church? Good luck with that!

This world is seemingly less and less concerned with God and more and more concerned with “self.” Society preaches being happy at all costs; putting our happiness above all else. When a weekly commitment, that we as Christians are encouraged in the Bible to keep, becomes a challenge to us because we do not feel like it, then it is time to look in a mirror and ask ourselves who it is really about…us or God?

My Sunday School teacher, whom I happen to be married to, has said, “If you feel that your church is missing something, maybe you are supposed to bring it.” Instead of lamenting the lack of energy, excitement, or enthusiasm, initiate it. Instead of leaving a church because it doesn’t fulfill your need, decide to stay and be part of the solution. Instead of wishing people would change, change your attitude toward them.

If your church is a Gospel-preaching, community-reaching, Bible-believing, Holy Spirit-receiving church, then the other things you see as negatives might just need your positive, prayerful approach!


Lord, help me become excited about the wonderful opportunity of regularly attending church and being part of a church family. Help me to see and be thankful for the blessings I receive when I go to church, but to be more concerned about the blessing I can be to others in my church family as I put the focus on You and Your love. In Your name I pray, amen.

Devotion Written By

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Gwen Thielges

Gwen Thielges is from North Dakota where she is an author, blogger, and worship leader. She encourages readers to strive toward a deeper faith and a wider witness.

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