For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Does Jesus ever grab your heart when you least expect it? As I approached the week before Easter, I heard myself rationalizing why this event could pass with nothing more than a glance.  I concluded my faith was strong and God resides in my heart all year long not solely during this extraordinary week.  Surely God would understand if I didn’t focus on “Holy Week” and perhaps just went through the motions.

BUT, I was so wrong to think Easter could pass with merely a glance.

As I sat in church on Sunday – God seized my soul in a way which was so sweet and overwhelming.

Does Jesus ever grab your heart?

Our message at church was fantastic, but the sermon wasn’t what penetrated my heart. It was God himself in a quiet moment of reflection.

Quietly and obediently I bowed my head during communion to connect with God. My eyes were closed tightly to block out the noise around me. Our message this particular day was not on Palm Sunday, but it had been on my mind since awakening.

So I found myself pondering that day of palm branches long ago.

  • What did Jesus think as he rode in on a donkey?
  • How was he feeling?

After all, he knew what was to come within a short time. Was he dreading what was to take place? Was he scared? Did he want to go the other way?

On that particular day, Jesus was being hailed as the victorious Messiah, as he rode into town. People were elated thinking he was the earthly King that was there to save them.

  • Did he enjoy the welcoming in spite of knowing the people would soon turn against him?
  • How did he keep moving knowing that he soon would suffer and die?

It makes me wonder if I had known ahead of time about my unexpected circumstances would I have bailed out or chosen a different path?

As I held communion in my hand, I felt wet salty tears flowing down my face. Aha, a connection had been made with our sweet Lord.

The thoughts that formed in my mind were simple yet complex.

“Thank you, Jesus, Thank you.”

I pictured Jesus sitting on a donkey as palm branches lined the street. Inch by inch he kept going even though he knew what was to come.

“Thank you, Jesus, for continuing.”

For a moment I interrupted my precious time by trying to wipe away the tears. For a split second, I consumed myself with what others might think.

However, it didn’t matter; this was my time to reflect.

My tears were sweet tears of gratitude.

Thank you, Jesus, for…

  • loving us so much, you were willing to die on a cross.
  • preparing me for a life, which was never expected.
  • equipping me to embrace life as it is.
  • carrying me through.
  • the incredible blessings you have brought into my life.
  • not letting me see ahead the unexpected that was yet to come.
  • moving forward when you knew what was to come.
  • being my best friend.

So this week, as I am slowing down to walk with Jesus and ponder daily the great sacrifice he made for every one of us, I will not let Easter pass with just a glance.

How about you? Has God grabbed your heart this Easter?


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Maree Dee

Maree Dee is a Writer | Speaker | Advocate | Ministry Leader – passionate about encouraging and equipping others to embrace life in the midst of the unexpected.

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