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Week 36

My first year teaching, I worked in an elementary school as the school librarian. I was so excited. I interviewed with a local school who had tragically lost their previous librarian in a car accident.

The year started great! I was getting to know my students. I read stories to the younger students and assisted the older kids with getting books.

At my first faculty meeting, our Principal marched in and announced that he was not happy with what he was observing in the classrooms. In reality, he was angry because he had gotten a surprise district visit that did not go well. After two weeks of attending his meetings, I realized something was not right about him.

In my first review with him, he wrote me up for my storage room being junky. I tried to remind him that none of the stuff belong to me. When I first arrived at the school, I asked about the boxes and I informed the boxes belonged to the previous librarian and her daughter was supposed to come remove them. I left her several messages and she never responded. He insisted that was my mess, so I needed to clean it.

The next month, we had a book fair. I asked his secretary what was the process for sending the money off afterwards. She handed me a letter with the packet of information. I read it over and spoke to a coworker who told me that the secretary was supposed to handle it. I inquired with the secretary and she said the previous librarian handled it. She never did. I went to the bank, got a cashier’s check and shipped the money off.

The next day the Principal accused me of stealing the money and not following protocol. By this time, I was in tears going to work. I called my father and explained what happened. The Principal reported me and I was informed that I was going to be investigated for theft. My dad told me not to sign anything and to record all conversations.

Meanwhile, our principal had run-ins with several parents and teachers. One teacher even threw coffee on him. He tried to have her arrested. It was evident he had serious issues. However, his boss had allowed him to bully our staff for years because his school scores were awesome, or so we thought. I recorded our private meetings with my phone and I kept notes of everything. The district said I was found innocent because the money was submitted, just not the way it was supposed to be submitted.

However, they found evidence that the previous librarian had done it this way. Therefore, they did not penalize me; however, they did penalize the secretary and Principal for allowing this to happen previously.

I had a heated conversation with him and explained to him that I was no fool and I knew I had not done anything wrong. At the end of the year, I took a job at another school system. By this time, the (Atlanta Public School?) cheating scandal had started to unravel, and I knew my school was included.

The investigator who investigated me emailed me requesting I call him. He wanted evidence. He asked me if I had any evidence of the principal’s mistreatment of any parent or faculty members. I sent him my audio from my phone, as well as some videos of his parent meetings in my office.

Now I will not sit here and say he did not get what he deserved. However, during his trial, I kept asking God “Why is this happening to me?” I wanted to get back at my principal but the Holy Spirit said, “That’s not your job”. I was angry and I was hurt.

The Principal was terminated. I am not sure what reason, but my guess is how bad he treated his staff. I learned later from a friend that they weren’t sure how the district got video and other evidence. However, she was sure that is what sealed his fate.

I am a fighter, so my natural instinct was to fight back. But God said “No”. I did not have to fight my battle God did. Lesson learned.

God’s Reminder

For the LORD your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Deuteronomy 20:4 KJV


Trials and tribulations happen to everyone. Write down your trials and claim the scripture that God will save you. Share this with a friend.

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