Simple Lessons From Zacchaeus in the Bible

I love the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. I love the lessons in it. The truth that if you want God to change your life, He can, and will. Zacchaeus knew what he was. He knew what people thought about him. But he wanted Jesus. He wanted to change. So how does he teach us to do that?

  • Lesson 1: Want to see Jesus, no matter what it takes. (v. 3)
  • Lesson 2: Put your pride aside. It would have to be a humbling experience to be so small that you have to climb a tree to see. (v. 4)
  • Lesson 3: Accept His invitation and answer His call. Jesus calls to us, but few answer. Be willing to accept and answer. (v. 5)
  • Lesson 4: Meet Him with excitement and joy. This is your Savior! Be excited about Him, be excited about salvation! (v. 6)
  • Lesson 5: Let Him find you and change you. He can. (v. 8, 10)

So there you have it, five simple lessons from Zacchaeus. They worked for him, I’m sure they can work for us too.

Who Jesus Is

Zacchaeus was lost, until he found the Jesus that had been looking for him. He was changed because of who Jesus is, not because of who he was.

So, who is Jesus? What is Jesus like? What do we learn about Him from this passage?

We learn five very important things:

  • Jesus knows our names (v.5). – Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, but imagine his surprise when Jesus called his name. Imagine how felt knowing that Jesus not only saw him, but called him by name to come down.
  • Jesus welcomes, sees, and saves (v. 5 & 10). – Jesus welcomes those who want to see Him. There is not an instance where anyone who wholeheartedly sought Jesus wasn’t welcomed by Him.
  • Jesus sees value in every person. While the crowds were grumbling, Jesus was welcoming. Jesus knew Zacchaeus mattered. Jesus knew Zacchaeus. And when Zacchaeus saw the Jesus that knew him, he changed. We are valuable and Jesus invites us to find out just how much and why.
  • Jesus saves those who seek Him. While Zacchaeus sought Jesus, Jesus saw him. Jesus has said He came to seek and save those who are lost (v.10). Jesus isn’t interested in ignoring His children. Jesus will always find those who seek Him.
  • Jesus wants to be with you (v. 5). – Jesus told Zacchaeus that He must be his guest in his home that day. Jesus must be a guest in your home today. Jesus wants to be in your home today! Of all the places, God wants to be in your home today. He wants to be in your heart today.

Understand this, Jesus knows your name, just like He knew Zacchaeus in the Bible. Jesus sees you even before you seek Him. He welcomes you and saves you. Jesus wants to be with you.

Do you want to be with Him? Will you invite Him as He welcomes you?

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