What is your unshakable truth today? Do you lean on God’s word and promises? Have you ever had a turning point that solidified God’s promises in your life and made you unshakable in your faith and walk with God?

I’ve recently become obsessed with survival stories. From mountaineers surviving the most deadly day on Everest to a young woman stranded at sea for weeks, even a cohort of miners stuck under the earth for 69 days; I am completely fascinated by them. I find myself scanning interviews and articles, delving into memoirs and autobiographies all about individuals who have survived against all odds.

What I have observed, is experiences like these test the very core of a person. For those who make it through, there is often a specific moment they can point to where they made the decision to survive. Many describe a specific thought or unshakable truth they clung to in the early days of their tragedy. They credit that core truth with getting them through their darkest days, carrying them through times they weren’t even sure they wanted to survive. It’s this idea of a “core truth” that fascinates me the most.

What is your core truth?

It might be difficult to say what would hold you together in a crisis until that moment comes. But as I read these verses from Luke, verse thirty-seven resonated so deeply within my heart I am certain when faced with suffering, this is the rock I will stand upon.

“For no word from God will ever fail” (Luke 1:37, NIV)

Does that verse sound a bit unfamiliar to you? It did for me. In fact, I checked the translation of the Bible I was reading because it sounded incorrect. I was expecting that passage to end with the much more familiar, “For with God nothing is impossible”.

And in fact, that is how nearly 90% of the translations say it. But the New International Version, which I was reading, is actually a closer translation of the Greek, which if read literally would say, “For no word from God shall be void of power”.

Every word from God is filled with power. No word from God will ever fail. Nothing is impossible with God.

Whatever the translation, the unshakable truth resounds: What God says will happen, happens.

Light. The Earth. His creatures: All spoken and formed.

A curse. A flood. A great nation: All came to pass.

A Redeemer born. A Savior killed. A Victor rose: Just as He said.

The Glorious in Between

We stand in the glorious in between of two Advents: Christ’s birth and Christ’s return. Like our Old Testament brothers and sisters, we are longing, groaning inwardly for His second coming to set all things right. Unlike them, we have His Spirit, the down payment of our inheritance (Eph 1:13-14). We also have the Bible and in it the incredible opportunity to witness the way God’s Word has proven true time and time again.

The Advent season does not merely celebrate the fulfillment of past promises. It stirs our hearts for the fulfillment of promises in our future! No matter the brokenness we encounter in this world, we can trust that His word will never fail. He will return! He will dry every tear! He will replace beauty for ashes! We have only to hold on to hope.

No word from God will ever fail.

May this be your unshakable truth no matter what you face today.

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Mary Kathryn Tiller

I live deep in the heart of East Texas with my husband, two kids, and thirty head of cattle. My passion is writing words that inspire you to see Jesus a bit more clearly.

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