How many enemies do you have? I naturally don’t know about you personally, but I for one have enough, and don’t need anymore.

They come from all over for all of us, don’t they? For some of us its neighbors on the block, for others it’s an in-law, or another mostly distant relative, or a co-worker. Worse still are the ones that come from even closer, friends, close family – even a spouse can become someone who rises up against us. Perhaps they even taunt or mock us, saying “There is no help for him in God.” Pslam 3:2b

When its many vs one, and you’re the one, its easy to feel outnumbered.

Those however, are not the worse of our many enemies, are they?


We must also contend with much greater enemies such as fear, despair, doubt, anxiety, frustration, helplessness, fatigue, exhaustion, sickness, disease, injury, addiction, temptation, weakness, loneliness, confusion, uncertainty and each of those are spearheaded into the heart of our lives by what seems to be our arch-enemy… time.

When our safety is assaulted on all sides, its easy to feel outmatched.

There is another perspective possible though…

“I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people” Psalm 3:6a

We must not turn our eyes away from the truth that it is God who is our defender, and it is God from whence our security comes from. Because, you see, our enemies are not “our” enemies. They are God’s enemies, and so woe to them! Woe! Fear should tremble and despair is doomed! Why? Because “I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill.” Psalm 3:4

When we cry out to The Lord, to God almighty

– He – Hears – Us…

…and comes.

Then it becomes apparent that ten-thousand is simply not enough. Neither would be ten-million, ten-billion, or ten-trillion! They will all scatter before God like the ash of an old fire in a gale force wind. He will eliminate them as flicking the tip of an old black wick with His finger.

When it is many vs one, and God is The One – One wins every time.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough enemies, and I’m tired. So while God handles them, Im going to take a nap. “I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me.” Psalm 3:5 So, go to sleep. When you wake up the battle will be won for you.

Then even if you awake and it seems you are still surrounded, do not fret! Deny despair! Because it is only an illusion, a cheap trick. Never forget that the war has already been won. Your sins are nothing before God’s grace. Your eternal salvation is assured. You’re just waiting for It to be made manifest.

That means time is not our arch-enemy, that makes it our greatest ally.

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