“There are three stages in the work of God: impossible, difficult, done.” -James Hudson Taylor

I love how God shows up in our lives. He really is the Miracle Maker. When He acts, nothing can stop it. Against the odds, outside the statistics, or not humanly possible, that’s God’s MO; it’s how He rolls. He works in the most impossible situations and says, “DONE!”

With just one word, He accomplishes what we cannot. I think this may be one of my favorite things about God because it takes all the glory out of it for us and gives it to Jesus! When we’re at the place of complete surrender, we can’t take any credit when He shows up to turn our messy into the miraculous.

About a year and half ago, my heart was singing loudly of God’s goodness and mercy. I knew I couldn’t boast of a thing. My hands had been and tied left with nowhere to turn, but God. There was literally not one thing I could do to change the situation. My sister’s life was hanging in the balance, one foot in heaven already. But, miraculously, God did show up in a mighty big way. With people from all over the world praying for her, God heard and answered.

I remember one of the amazingly talented doctor’s telling us, “of the ten HLH cases I’ve seen in my career….she is the ONLY SURVIVOR.” He was not a young man; this doctor knew what He had seen. He left her room that day and said, “Molly, you are a miracle.”

She really is. All glory to the Name higher than any other name. I still stand in awe of His mercy and loving-kindness during our weeks in the ICU. My heart still hums a quiet praise today, “Thank You, Abba Father, for hearing our prayers…”

These weeks were especially hard for my father. We had lost my brother, John, without warning in a tragic accident 9 years before. Molly had been filling my brother’s shoes for my dad. They’ve always got along so well; they just see things the same way. I’m the baby, ever the protector, he keeps things from me. I don’t mind a bit. I remember calling my dad to tell him the good news, “there would be no more chemotherapy, her body was healing.” It was an especially sweet conversation.

I had only known him to cry perhaps one other time. He’s a spiritual man, but not a crying one. With an unashamed, muffled sob, he said, “Amy, God really does do miracles.” In reply, I said, “Yes, Daddy, He does.”

I think my father might have given up on miracles after the death of my brother. I think he had, for a time, forgotten. His broken heart just couldn’t believe in miracles for himself any longer. Miracles were for other people. Hearing a renewal of faith in his voice, strengthened my own. He hadn’t lost his faith, he’s been a constant source of strength for me and a faith-filled father throughout my life. But, this was different. This, was a stirring of his faith, deep inside, having seen a miracle in his own life, for his own daughter. This had been a chance to renew his belief in a God who really hears our prayers and answers. He’d found a new-found faith, a deeper faith in his God, his miracle-working God.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 5:9 (NIV)

Right now, I’m stopping to take some time, to pause and revel in this miracle, the miracle for Molly. I want to encourage you to do the same. You can borrow from my dad’s faith, he won’t mind a bit. Be strengthened by how God shows up when we need Him most. Keep seeking God’s hand for the miracle you need in your own life or the life of someone dear to you. We all have situations in our lives that need the touch of the Miracle Maker.

For years, I waited on the return of my prodigal son’s heart to the Lord. That’ll break a mama’s heart, but I kept believing in God’s promises. I keep pressing in and asking for a miracle. This past Sunday, my prodigal went to church, without me even knowing. And, he even came home and told us he enjoyed it. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that was possible.

What are you waiting on today? What miracle do you need?

I’ve seen what our God can do. And, I believe He is still in the business of doing the miraculous right before our eyes. If we’re going to see it, we have to be on the lookout for His hand. Keep pressing in, keep believing, and keep praising His mighty name, the name of Jesus, our Miracle Maker. He inhabits the praises of His people. Our praises bring His presence and His presence brings the miracles.

Yet, I know that you are most holy; it’s indisputable. You are God-Enthroned, surrounded with songs, living among the shouts of praise of your princely people. Psalm 22:3 (The Passion Translation)

Turn on your worship music. Take a moment and praise Him today. Recount what He’s done in your life. For a moment, say, “I’m not asking for anything; I just want to worship You.” Then, be on the look out for His hand in your life.

“If I were in your shoes, I’d go straight to God,
I’d throw myself on the mercy of God.
After all, he’s famous for great and unexpected acts;
there’s no end to his surprises.
He gives rain, for instance, across the wide earth,
sends water to irrigate the fields.
He raises up the down-and-out,
gives firm footing to those sinking in grief…”
Job 5:9 (The Message)

“This is the message from the one who is holy and true. He has the key that belonged to David, and when he opens a door, no one can close it, and when he closes it, no one can open it.”
Revelation 3:7 (GNT)

Prayer: Lord, today, we come before You; we’re not asking for anything. Our hearts are filled with wonder, in awe at who You are. You are worthy of all honor, glory, and praise. Help us to step away from the places where we need a miracle and see with Your eyes. For just one moment, help us to see things like You do. Let us keep our eyes focused on You and not our circumstances. Let our trust be unwavering, knowing Your hand is upon our lives. Forgive our unbelief. Help us believe when You say the Word, it is done! You are the Miracle-Maker. You are trustworthy, faithful, and true. We praise Your Holy Name!

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Amy Elaine Martinez

Amy Elaine writes a faith-based, Christ-centered blog inspiring people to live victoriously and walk in wholeness. She's an author, speaker, and radio host for Real Victory Radio.

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