Humans have always been exceedingly skilled at looking the part. Posing is a part of our DNA. We learn to go with the flow, not draw any attention to ourselves and simply fit in with the masses. Some are so bold as to mimic others that are gifted in an area they wish they could be, with the hopes that they will fit in this crowd without ever having to prove their authenticity. However, don’t think for a second that this posing is just for our adolescent days. As we get older, we grow even more adept in putting the finishing touches on our facade.

This carefully-groomed skill of posing shows itself in just about every facet of our lives, from career to church. We have learned to look the way the boss wants us to look while at work and we have learned to do what we’re supposed to do while at church.

Please understand that we are so proficient at this type of acting that we can fool just about any person, but don’t believe the lie that you can fool God. Bringing sacrifices means nothing to Him if our motives are wrong. He doesn’t desire us to go to church so we can check that religious box once or twice a week. He doesn’t desire us to listen to Christian music to prove to ourselves that we are actually obedient Christian people. He doesn’t desire us to read the Bible because that’s what the pastor said to do.

All good things accomplished with wrong motives are double agents. They look right, but, in fact, are wrong. Some of these double agents are so skilled at their craft that they show up without you even realizing it.

This is why we must monitor our motives.

Don’t assume we are doing our divine deeds or are exhibiting our Christian conduct with the proper motives. Look yourself in the proverbial mirror and honestly assess, even interrogate, your motives. Don’t let anything slide. If God desires pure motives in our good deeds and not our good deeds alone, we must understand that the action is only half the process.

Be diligent, do good and may your love for Him be the chief motive in all you do.

Devotion Written By

<a href="" target="_self">Eric Souza</a>

Eric Souza

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Eric and his family moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2012 to plant Reach Jax. Since planting the church, the Lord has stretched, challenged, changed and blessed Eric. Much of his real life experience is seen in his practical and biblical devotionals.

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