There are some lessons most of us had to learn over and over again. You know why? Because we are hard headed and didn’t fully appreciate the lesson when we learned it the first time.

Recently, I heard a minister’s sermon on why we sin. The pastor said we sin because we like it. We take grace and mercy for granted. I had to admit that he was absolutely correct. If we had to die the minute we sinned, the world’s’ population would have dwindled down only to a few.

But God…

I believe that developing a relationship with God is crucial. God isn’t a genie where we go to get our three wishes granted. He’s our creator and He loves us. He wants to talk, laugh, share good times and bad times with us. He wants to be our friend.

He’s also an on time God, who wants to provide for us. But He wants to communicate with us. Here’s how I learned to communicate with God.

I began with asking myself a few questions. 

God, am I asking you to direct my life? Am I living in the purpose that you designed for my life? Am I praying earnestly for the Holy Spirit? Have I submitted my will and desires to you Father?

After I asked myself these questions, here’s how I began to plan 

  1. I write down each prayer request.
  2. I write the scriptures that align with my request
  3. Then I wait

There are some requests that God answered the same week or month. And others, I’m still praying over years later. God wants a relationship with each of us. My relationship talks begin with thanking Him first, then I ask for divine mercy and wisdom.

I’ve learned how to pray for myself and others. Today I’m sharing my formula for praying. Take a few moments today and write down your request. Make your requests known. God is watching and waiting on you. I have learned to take Him at His word. Lesson learned.


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Paula Sanders Blackwell

I am an Educator and writer. I am the author of the new devotional book "Lessons from My Hard Head", and The 90 day Prayer Journal.

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