My grandma tells me stories of her and my grandpa starting a Christian Bible Conference. A ministry where many would come to know Christ. Every time I listen to her wise words, I am struck by one thing. Their willingness to step out in Faith, when they gave their last penny to the Lord. They had nothing, she recalls, but God made it into something. The one thing they did have was a greater vision, and that vision was for God.

Our little becomes much when we give it to God. In the story of the widow, Elijah meets her on her journey when she is about to make her last meal for her and her son, and die. Yet, Elijah, a weary traveler promises her that God will multiply her food, she only needs to do one thing; make some food for him FIRST.

Can you imagine?

My heart cringes at the thought. Use my very last meal to feed a stranger and then trust that God will provide more for me?

Faithfully, she does it because her greater vision is for God. She gives her last meal to Elijah and her faithful God provides more.

May our first fruits always be to him, in hopeful trust that he will always provide more. In our desperation, widowed to the world, may our sole dependence be on him. Our little becomes much when entrust it to the one who provides.

If you feel unequipped or lacking in something, know that HE never asked you to provide or have it all together. Instead, he calls us to be faithful with a little (Luke 16:10) before he makes it into A LOT.

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