Do you like to argue? Do you like to fight it out verbally with others just to make your point? What does the Bible say about arguing and fighting? Should we abstain from arguing, strive for peace, or carefully pick our fights?

What is Best for Relationships

When I was young, I liked to argue with those who did not see things as I did. I just knew I was right and was convinced I could prove others wrong. In fact, I felt like I had to help them “see the light.”  Fortunately, I grew up. I learned how futile and fruitless arguing was. I discovered that rarely does anyone win an argument. We dig our heels in and refuse to be persuaded by words. Rarely does anyone listen to what is being said or why it’s being said. I learned that it is far more profitable for relationships if I’d stay away from arguments. In good relationships, you agree to disagree agreeably and not let your differences in understanding interfere in your peace and rob you of your common good.

Are you a Complainer?

It does no one any good to be a complainer. No one likes to keep company with complainers. Constant complaining wears thin quickly. If you have an ax to grind, don’t bore others with it. It is far better to go to the source of your problem and seek to resolve things personally. Complaining is never productive. It robs the complainer of the peace and joy of living.

It is far better to just keep your nose clean and stay away from complaining and arguing. It is far better to be known as a person of peace.  Arguing drives a wedge between people; complaining drives them away.

Strive for Peace

Mind your own business. Strive for peace. Strive to live a blameless life before God and let Him take care of that which is not yours to deal with. You are not responsible for changing others to your way of thinking.  If they are wrong, pray for them and let the Lord handle it.  Don’t waste your time and energy on those things you can’t fix or control.

People need to see and know Christ, not hear and know your opinions.

In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing, so that no one can speak a word of blame against you. You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of crooked and perverse people. Let your light shine brightly before them. Philippians 2:14-15 NLT

Devotion Written By

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Jim Hughes

Spending his formative years in Ft. Wayne, IN, Jim followed the love of his life to southeast Iowa where they married. Jim has pastored several churches throughout his life and has worked many years in local factories to help support his family. The father of two married adult children and one son still at home, Jim has now authored many books.

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