Psalm 2 seems a bit scary. It has words (give or take depending on the translation) such as; wrath, derision, perish, angry and displeasure. Added to them, to increase their frightening intensity, is that they are all coming from a King, and everyone knows you don’t mess with Royalty. Royalty has power.

A king’s word is law. A king’s will is absolute. A king wields power. They shape their kingdom as they desire. They command the nation’s military and can direct it towards their selected enemy. You bow before them as they pass. You speak their name with respect and reverence even when they are not present. You tremble if you are summoned to stand before them. They are not a stranger, your neighbor, or boss. They are your King.

Now, what if, on top of all that, you weren’t dealing with just any king, but the King of Kings? Not a small king that rules over a nation on earth, but rules over the earth, and the universe it resides in. That’s authority!  This is a King that could command a black hole to form right on you if He so willed it. This is a King that could with no effort at all, revoke the right for the universe to exist at all. That is power, and that is what we are dealing with here.

However, what if all the power and authority of that King was set, not against you, but for you? They could command not just a nation’s army, but the absolute unstoppable consuming singularity of a black hole to protect you from your enemies? Is there any debt they could not cancel? Is there any treasure they could not give to you? No and No. You’d need to be on this King’s good side though for sure.

Bad news – we cant be. Good news – His Son is. Better news – His Son put in a good word for us. Best news – we got adopted. Yup, we are now royalty.

Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, came and reconciled us to His Father. Jesus did this by conquering our enemies; sin, death, and Satan. So now we are also God’s children – sons and daughters. A son or daughter of a King are called prince or princess. We are now assured, promised by the mouth of the King Himself, that we will inherit a few small tokens of His greatest love; eternal life and a new perfect universe.

Oh yes, and thrown in there are things like new and perfect bodies, that are immune to all injury and disease, that never grows old or worn. Also the eradication of all pain, all sorrow, all suffering, all guilt, all shame, all evil… gone, permanently.

We get to then spend infinite eternity with an infinitely powerful God that seems quite fixated on wanting to show off to us how much He loves us.


…Its good to be in good with the King of Kings.

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