I think you’ll agree with me when I say finding spiritual courage in times of fear isn’t easy. Yes, fear is a powerful foe. It prevents me from living in faith and causes anxiety. I experience a loss of control and find myself alone.

How Fear Cripples Us

The coronavirus pandemic is an excellent example of how fear engulfs people’s mindset. This unfortunate virus outbreak created a social environment filled with uncertainty and full of unrealistic behaviors. The reason for society’s fearful response is its threat to human life.

In fact, many governments across the globe took drastic measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They imposed strict rules and jailed people for violation of those ordinances. Those well-intentioned efforts are fear-driven.

This widespread sickness is but one illustration of how fear penetrates the mind and soul of individuals. Many other life circumstances stir up unwanted feelings based on self-centered fears.

For example, when inadequacy surfaces then fear develops and strips me of self-confidence. Rejection from others causes me to experience unworthiness, and the fear of failure removes perseverance.

Those are a few fears and how they control my spirit.

So what’s the solution to fear?

Christ’s courage.

Here’s something we both can agree on; Jesus gives an inner-strength unlike any known to humanity. The result of abiding in Christ is spiritual courage that evaporates fear. We discover a Christian confidence to live in peace.

When Judas betrayed Christ Jesus and turned Him over for His execution (Mark 14:43-46) the world bear witness to an exceptional display of fearlessness. Our Messiah showed spiritual courage more powerful than any known to humanity. In fact, He took on every torturous act man inflicted with grace.

The Key to Unlock Unwavering Spiritual Courage

The key that unlocks Christ’s courage is praying from the heart. Prayer opens up the door to God’s ear. When I pray with a humble spirit, then Christ takes my hand and strengthens my soul. In return, the Holy Spirit takes away the fear and replaces it with courage.

It takes persistent communication with God to find spiritual courage. Remember, my friend, the Lord is listening. It’s easy to give up and allow impatience to take us away from Christ’s everlasting might.

As shown above, we see how Christ crushes Satan’s attempts to use fear to keep us separated from God. This is important because without Jesus’s courage we stay defenseless against the devil’s wickedness. And the best part of living in Christ is eternal life.

How do you overcome fear?

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:14 ESV

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Walter Kahler

I love sharing with others the impact Christ makes in my life. God rescued me from agnosticism. Today I no longer live for myself but Christ.

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