Do you have a hunger for God, His Word, and the things of His Kingdom? If not, what things are filling you, stealing away your appetite?

For the Lamb on the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to springs of life-giving water. And God will wipe every tear from their eyes.” Revelation 7:17 NLT

If you know me, you know I really enjoy eating. The process of determining the menu, sharing the experience with others, and obviously the physical act of consumption.

My appetite is healthy, to say the least, and I’m constantly on the search for new cuisines to experience. I also have some restrictions I abide by. I don’t eat anything with four legs for example. Likewise, my spiritual appetite should also be healthy, framed with certain restrictions.

My Spiritual Hunger for God

Spiritually though it’s been an evolving hunger for God. The more I seek Jesus, the greater His smorgasbord of revelation and wisdom has become available. The more I eat of His word, the more I appreciate it and desire it.

As we grow closer to the Lord, the more we desire to sit at his table of righteousness.  This is because nothing can quench our spirit like His life fulfilling presence.  If we’d stop running around chasing the proverbial snacks of the world and sit with God, there’s a fully prepared meal and seat awaiting our arrival. The thief only wants to distract us with the junk food of this world. His only desire is to satiate us with garbage, to kill our Godly appetite, and steal our desire to hunger for God.

There’s a quote I heard that seems to convey this idea:

“If you’re not hungry for God, you’re probably full of yourself.”

We can never think we’ve “made it” as Christians. It’s a constant refueling and we can never completely get our fill.

But a life centered on Christ eliminates our thirst for all the temporal things of the world and satisfies our hunger for God. Be blessed!

Devotion Written By

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Quentin Love

Quentin G. Love is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of ministers. None of that makes him a minister, just a P-K from around the way. Here to serve Christ via my gifts.

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