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Prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Ephesians 6:17-18 The Message

What do chicken nuggets and princesses have to do with powerful prayer? I was about to get schooled. After a long week with my husband out of town, I spent a Friday night hanging out with my then, eighteen year old son, Gabriel. We ate chicken nuggets and watched an animated movie featuring a very brave princess. I had forgotten how much I loved this movie. Confession: Being the mom of two boys, I’m secretly hoping I’ll have a few grand baby girls. And, since I have a redhead, it’s possible one might look like the feisty princess in this movie. I also secretly hope both my kids have a spunky, confident girl-child as payback for when they were strong-willed, rambunctious little tykes. What I thought was just another entertaining evening to distract me from a difficult week, turned out to be a revelation of spiritual truth all dressed up as a princess.

The princess in this movie is a quick-witted, willful, redheaded beauty! Her name is Merida, which means, “one who has achieved a high place of honor.” I truly believe there’s a Merida in each of us!

We can be brave because we’ve been given everything we need to  face our battles and be victorious. Let me say that another way.

You’ve been given everything you need to be a Victory Girl!

Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father… Ephesian 1:3 (TPT)

The weapons we use in our fight are not made by humans. Rather, they are powerful weapons from God. 2 Corinthians 10:4 (GW)

Girls, we have supernatural weapons; they’re hand-made by God, ready for use, and at our disposal. We must learn how to wield them with supernatural strength. Each one of us has been given the arrows needed to shoot down our enemy. If we will employ three wartime strategies, we’ll hit our mark each and every time. Victory starts by learning The Art of the Aim.

We begin by mastering these three Victory Girl Skills:

  1. AIMING with the ACCURACY of the Word of God
  2. STANDING in full AUTHORITY as daughters of the King
  3. RELYING on the Holy Spirit for our ACUMEN

Acumen? What in the world does that mean? Acumen is the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain or place. What a perfect description of what we call in the spiritual realm, discernment. Acumen is discernment. Because we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, we have the ability to discern things in our God-given domain. We have the spiritual eyes to see the schemes of the enemy and pray against them.

Prayer should be our weapon of choice.

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Amy Elaine Martinez

Amy Elaine writes a faith-based, Christ-centered blog inspiring people to live victoriously and walk in wholeness. She's an author, speaker, and radio host for Real Victory Radio.

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