My husband and I got married at our house. Before we got married, he spent hours and hours pruning our lawn for our guests. He spent many days planting flowers, cutting the grass, and pulling the weeds. After we got married, it all came to a halt. Our long driveway started to be overcome by weeds.

Weeds are tricky. If they are not pulled up by the root, then they will grow again. They might change locations, but they will continually sprout up until they are cut off at the source. Our hearts bode many similarities to roots. Whatever sin we are struggling with will show itself again and again until it is pulled up by the root; addressed by the root of truth, Gods word.

Our hearts take a continual pruning in the Lord or weeds start to sprout up. One of the deep roots of our sins is unbelief. We act, not believing God for rescue. We act, not believing God’s sovereignty. We act, not believing in his faithfulness.

Lord, may you plant truth in my heart, so that I may experience growth. May you pull up any roots that have taken hold in my heart. May I replace those roots with your truth. May I start to live through the lens of your word, “Whoever believes in me, as scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them” (John 7:38).

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Mikella Van Dyke

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