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Just this morning, I paused, pen in hand, afraid what I was about to write wasn’t good enough. I knew I had heard from the Lord, as I could feel my heart swell and my blood rush, and yet- my words felt inadequate. Nothing I wrote felt profound enough.

As a writer, I am a perfectionist. I long to craft my sentences just so. I seek to use just the right turn of phrase. And yet, I’m learning that so often, this perfectionism can get in the way of what the Spirit simply wants me to say.

I love that in his letter to the Corinthians, Paul, one of the greatest orators of our faith, reminds us that the Gospel doesn’t need to be dressed up to be life-changing. In truth, His power shines through our obedience more than our eloquence.

In doubt-filled moments, I hear Satan’s accusations loud and clear: who do you think you are to teach the Word of God? I have no formal training. I have no wisdom beyond what my own experience with the Word has given me. And yet, these words from Paul remind me that all I need to know is the person and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and I have all I need to tell others of Him.

Perhaps like me, you’ve held your tongue when you felt that prompting to speak, afraid what you hope to say will come out flat or wrong. Or perhaps you believe you’re not qualified to teach His Word. I pray this Scripture releases you from that fear. I pray we put the pressure to change lives with our words back on the one who has the actual power to do it: the Holy Spirit. Our words were only ever meant to be vessels that carried the truth. His Word alone is responsible for the rest.

Paul’s example teaches us that our weakness is never an excuse for our silence. Our fear, our stuttering, is never an excuse to withdraw from those around us. The world needs your words, however broken. The world needs your voice, even if it’s shaking. If all you can bring to the table is your love for Jesus Christ, then those in your company will never go hungry.

Lord, may we be vessels of your truth today. Free us from the pressure to impress or persuade. Release us from the grips of perfectionism and insecurity. May others forget the source of the truth they hear from us and remember only how they felt when Your Word took root in their hearts. Amen.

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Mary Kathryn Tiller

I live deep in the heart of East Texas with my husband, two kids, and thirty head of cattle. My passion is writing words that inspire you to see Jesus a bit more clearly.

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