How controversial a statement is this that we find in the lives of those who follow Christ!

The world, not only our culture as many examine, have this philosophy, “You do you.” This simply means, “be who you are,” and so the world takes this advice and acts accordingly.

For example: If we have a disagreement with our spouse or family member, we throw tantrums and try to get our way. Sometimes we give the silent treatment and hold grudges, all the while the world shouting “yes, that’s real! We should show our feelings and act this way.”

It’s no question why this passage of scripture is so controversial in the world we live in today because the Word of God does not tell us to act according to how we “feel”. No, God tells us to act according to what He says.

On the same example above I want to illustrate how this looks according to the Word of God. When a spouse or family member wrongs us, Jesus says to love them, love them regardless of who is right and wrong or what has been done to us. So when my wife is unappreciative of something nice I do, I don’t act according to my feelings and throw a fit, I act according to the Word of God and love her!

The world argues “that is a fake love. It’s not genuine because you don’t “feel” like loving her. She is wrong and should apologize for acting that way so we pout until we get our way.”

There are a few reasons we should walk by faith and not by sight (feelings).

The first is because God is worthy of our obedience. Period. He created us and therefore we are accountable to Him and should trust and obey Him and in doing so, we are worshipping Him. Our obedience is worship.

The second is because if we wait on the feeling to love someone, it’s possible that we will never love. If we are waiting on our spouse to love us we may never receive it. However, if we love regardless of how they act or how we feel this is what we will find. They will return our love and we will then receive what we were waiting to feel.

I encourage you today brother and sister, walk by faith and not by sight. If you do you will soon realize that walking by faith produces the “feelings” the world says we should wait on.

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Josh Phillips

I am a child of God, the husband of my best friend, and the father of 3 sons. As a family we passionately seek to follow Jesus and make His Name known among the nations!

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