He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIV

Year after year God puts this verse on my heart, but this year I was sure he would give me a new one. After all, I had experienced the benefits of sitting still with God. Surely he had new plans or was there more to being still I needed to learn? As I quietly sat in my quiet time chair, I prayed, “God, what verse do you have for me this year?” Anxiously I waited for a new one to come to my mind. I was listening intently to God’s voice, but I heard nothing new. So I continued with my questions, “Where is it you want me to grow and learn this year?” I sat and sat and would you believe he gave me the same verse. Of course, it is a beautiful scripture packed rich with meaning, but I was frustrated.

“Why God, am I not ready for something new.”

My usual response flowed out of me, ” I know, I know I need to be still with you.” “I know how important that time is with you.” “No, I don’t do it perfectly, but I have made a habit of sitting with you, and I absolutely know the benefits from the inside out.” What on earth could I be missing? My frustration with God quickly changed to feelings of failure. I berated myself, “God can’t trust me with something new because I can’t seem to get the old down.” “He knows I can’t get it right, so he keeps on me.” I so wanted to move on and feel the victory of being obedient to God, but he keeps sending me back to the same verse. Yes, yes, yes I am not a saint, my faults are many. I struggle with being still. Productivity and getting things done is how I like to roll. I am high energy with tons of capacity so why would God ask me to sit still AGAIN. After all, I could be doing things for God instead of resting with God. Why wouldn’t he let somebody else do the sitting and let me do the doing. Now that makes more sense to me.

But year after year this is the verse he leads me to.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

So, as the years have gone by I have settled into – THIS IS MY VERSE. Not because I have mastered it but because this scripture is something I desperately need. God knows I do not rest well and it leaves a gaping hole for the enemy to enter. When I accepted this was my verse to stay, I wondered was there more to it than what seemed to be so obvious. Did I understand what “be still” meant in the context of the verse or in my life? Was there something more I was missing?

What does it mean to “Be Still” with God?” Is there more?

My definition of “be still” works well in my life. I need to be quiet, cease doing, and listen to God. I need that time to refuel, replenish, and just hang out with my Lord. As I quiet myself, it brings me closer to an intimate relationship with God. All true and good but I found out there was so much more to the meaning. The original Hebrew word used for being still is Raphah. It means to stop striving, to cause yourself to let go, to willingly submit ourselves to God and his control, surrender to God, to slacken off, leave alone, become weak, to relax, to let alone, to be quiet, to be silent, inactive or still. It stood out like never before.

In our stillness God wants us to let go.

To give it all to him, one must actively cause the letting go; it doesn’t just happen. My being still with God was never wrong, but there was so much more to it.

When We Are Still With God

We become small, and he becomes BIG.

We surrender our will and accept his.

He reminds us we are not alone.

We begin to put our trust in him.

His whispers are heard.

Peace will be found.

We know who he is.

Rest will be found.

He is in control.

We can let go and let God be God.

What are you holding on to?

Are you holding on to something that you need to let go of? If so, I encourage you to take a piece of paper out and scribble down what you need to let go of and then take it to God and let him have it. Of course, if you are anything like me this will be something you need to do over and over again. My dear sweet friends, there is so much more to being still than just being in the presence of God which is pretty amazing in itself.

What does being still with God mean to you?


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