Managing Finances

Lately my baby was fighting a cold. Her tiny nose was stuffed and she was struggling to both feed and breathe. She’d eat voraciously for a few seconds then would give up her bottle searching for air. That would be until her hunger pangs got the best of her, and then she’d need to breathe again. The cycle continued for a few minutes as she battled between two essential needs.

Financial struggles can make us feel that way. When finances are tight, it can be a game of survival. Which is the next most pressing need to prioritize? Will it be rent, electricity, food? If this is your reality, you know exactly what I mean.

I discovered years ago that part of my Christian testimony lies in the way I handle my finances. The Bible calls us to be good stewards of God’s graces and provision, that includes our finances. Everything we have truly belongs to Him and we ought to give Him glory through it too.

What Then?

Your reality might definitely be that you don’t have enough. If it is the case, I pray for God to provide and care for you. Often enough though, it’s a matter of management. Here are three keys to help your finances by spending less and spending wisely.

  1. Learn to be content. You may have more than enough without knowing it. Don’t fall in the trap of bigger, better, faster, more. The Western way of life is actually quite dangerous. Our planet’s resources are limited. We ought to learn to be happy with what we have.
  2. Lean up. Unclutter your life and your expenses. Do you need all that you own? Could you sell some or give it away? If you can’t recall you own something, chances are you don’t need it. If you don’t use something you own, then you probably don’t need it.
  3. Pay the price. If you have debts or late payments, you will have to reduce your spending to make it. Give up on the extra for a while.

If your finances are healthy, do you give enough? Are you generous and a good steward of the abundance that you have?

Take It Home

Prayer Lord, I want to be a good steward of the resources you give me. Give me wisdom to better manage my finances. If I must make changes, show me. Give me your heart for others. I want to glorify you with my finances. Amen.

Action Plan Assess your financial health. Consider three things you could do today to improve your finances; not necessarily to become richer, but wiser, and/or less indebted. This message is not as popular as a recipe to get more money, but it brings peace.

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Caroline Bellemare

My passion is to share God’s message and love. Wife to JB, and mother to Imela Christy. I enjoy traveling, books, and a good soy latte.

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