The Real Enemy

Human relationships are sometimes very delicate. We need to be mindful of how our actions or inactions affect those with whom we relate. When we encounter situations where others are not quite as mindful as they need to be, we must not lose control, but realize that our real enemy is the devil and not the person or persons involved. It is true that we are all responsible for our actions. It is equally true that we cannot blame the devil for what we do since he can only tempt, and not force anyone to sin. At the same time, we must keep in mind that it is because of his incessant prodding that sometimes relationships go awry.

How does realizing that our enemy is really the devil help us? When we come to this realization, it helps us to be at peace with one another and unite in prayer against the enemy. He often gets off free as we bicker with each other. As we prepare to see the Lord, we must realize all that the devil lives to do is bring strife and dissension, with the goal of keeping us from uniting in Christ. “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18.

At the cross, the devil exposed himself, for the last time, as the author of strife and antagonism. How could he aim such evil and vehement assaults at the faultless Son of God who came only to give life and healing? It is this revelation of the devil’s character that proves that he will stop at nothing to keep us out of the kingdom.

It is a blessing to know that the devil did not win the battle at Calvary. Jesus not only died on the cross, but Sunday morning He rose again in victory. The fact that God made us His friends through the sacrifice of Christ lets us know that there is no relationship surrendered to Him that He is unable to mend. The real enemies are not human beings. When you are tempted to strive against another person, remember that they are not the ultimate problem; it is the devil.

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L David Harris

L. David Harris is an editor, public speaker, voiceover artist, freelance writer, graphics artist, and author with almost 20 years of professional experience.

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