The Bible is anything but boring. It’s filled with stories that rival the pop sci-fi, action, adventure, and mystery books and movies of today. Some Scripture is graphic with both sexual and violent encounters that would require ratings for “mature audiences only” if put on a TV or movie screen.

The blunt and honest account of many stories, poetry, and prose found in the Bible confound many. The depravity of people is not sugar-coated. There’s no spiritual spin on God’s part.

Are there boring parts of the Bible? Well, going through the Mosaic Law can be tedious but when you understand its detail and purpose within its context, new insights open up.

As I mentioned in another devotional, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3). So, how can he be a trustworthy counselor about faithfulness in marriage?

Solomon knew the powerful influence of women. They turned this wise man’s heart away from his devotion to the Lord—the One True and Living God—to become a worshipper of deaf, dumb, and dead idols.

Solomon was unfaithful to the Lord who personally appeared and spoke with him twice. Consider that for a while.

A key verse in this admonition reminds us of the all-knowing presence of the Lord—

Each person’s ways are clearly seen by the Lord, and he surveys all his actions. (Pro 5:21 GW)

He sees and knows everything about us and our life—our heart, thoughts, attitude, and actions. No one can avoid the eventual consequences of their actions and decisions.

How can we know this is sound counsel when it comes from a man so unfaithful? He knows from experience! This is Solomon’s purpose in writing these proverbs.

Although a very accomplished, wealthy and wise man, Solomon learned the truth of these admonitions and counsel the hard way.

He wants to guide and warn anyone who will listen to his sound, experienced counsel. Will you? Will I? It’s a decision we need to make many times throughout a day, throughout our life.

Whether it’s the influence of people who would lead you astray or the influence of the culture and ways of the world around you, you need to make wise choices. The Lord sees us and all we do and wants us to know the blessing of His favor and love.

What seems to pull and tug at your heart? Who or what tends to have a negative influence on you?

These are things to lay before the Lord in prayer each day—asking for His guidance, His wisdom, and His mercy and grace.

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