Daily Devotion – Your Harvest Fields of Ministry
The Fields of Evangelism God Has Prepared for You
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Published On: August 15, 2019
Written By: Sarah Geringer
field ready for harvest

Have you ever considered which people God wants you to reach? Several months ago, my small group and I conversed over this topic. We talked about the groups of people we feel most comfortable serving, which ones challenge us the most, and why. Our answers led into interesting stories about what God was doing through each of us.

The Importance of Harvest Fields

Recently I meditated on today’s scripture of Matthew 9:37-38. I’ve been thinking about the types of fields God has prepared especially for me. You can pray over this scripture to ask God which fields He has prepared for you.

As Christians, we are called to work for God’s glory, sharing the good news with others. God sends each of us to particular groups of people for specific purposes. It’s helpful to consider exactly which “fields” are best for you, so you can focus your efforts of ministry and evangelism.

Fields Less Likely for Harvest

In the discussion with my group, I first identified the group I’m least comfortable serving, which is teenagers. Working as a high school secretary for over four years only reinforced this feeling. Teens are notorious for distancing themselves from adults. I find it difficult to make conversation with them, because the relationship is always on their terms. Though they must separate from adults to be healthy, I take their distance as rejection. My own teenage years were the most difficult of my life, and I try to avoid those painful memories. I’ve learned that the “teenager field” probably isn’t my best one for ministry (though I’m in a season of parenting teens!).

Which field is not best for you? We all have at least one, and it’s okay to be honest with God about it. Yet, be open to serving wherever he calls you, even in a field that’s not ideal for you.

Fields to Harvest Now

I’m very comfortable ministering to a group on the other end of the age spectrum: seniors. Since I spent a lot of pleasant time with my grandparents and great-grandparents as a child, I have always felt relaxed with older people. They tend to be mellower than my peers, certainly not as competitive. I love hearing their stories from the past and encouraging their faith. God has blessed me with opportunities to meet with seniors in my church and even write for them on a regular basis.

Which field is ripe for harvest in your world? Think about where God has called you to comfortably serve. Then get to work in that field this week.

Surprising Harvest Fields

God has also revealed a one-on-one ministry to me, a field that’s more like a little garden. Many times, He has led me to minister to men on a random yet personal basis. As someone with a deep father wound, this is a surprise to me. But since God gifted me as a nurturer, good listener, and one who helps people identify their emotions, He has granted me opportunities for service ever since I was a teen. Whether it’s during a flight, between jury duty selection breaks, or even at the recycling center, God keeps sending me men who need to hear words of encouragement. I handle this particular calling with extreme care, but I’m honored that God has led me to serve in this certain field.

Has God given you a field to manage with extra care? How has He surprised you by calling you to this particular field? When you manage it with great dependence on God, this field can be especially fruitful.

Your Harvest Fields

I’d love to hear which fields God has called you to harvest. I’m sure there’s a story behind the fields where you love to serve, where you don’t love to serve, and where God has surprised you by asking you to serve. I am certain there’s a specific field or two that God has prepared especially for you. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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