Extinguishing the Spirit of


A 30-week devotional and journal.

If you keep looking, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to be troubled. If you look to the Man Christians call Messiah, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to have peace.

If fear and anxiety are things you struggle with, let’s walk this path together and find help.

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We live in a time when fear and anxiety are the status quo.

We fear what is awaiting us with every new day. We’re anxious to find a place where we feel we belong, like we’re accepted. We stay awake at night thinking of all the work we’ve yet to finish, and we turn on the news only to find more reasons to lose sleep. 

  • Another shooting. 
  • Another contentious election. 
  • Another untimely death.
  • Another reason to fear and let anxiety blow the sails of our souls.

What are we to do?

A brief Google search offers an abundance of cures. Our problem is we’re unhealthy, so here’s a 6-week exercise program with guaranteed results. Look at all the reviews, surely this will do it! Or maybe that’s not it, what you need is to level up your game. The problem is you’re using the wrong productivity system so you’re behind and anxious. Buy this book and its corresponding 3-month planner. Follow along and kiss your anxiety goodbye! Actually, what you need are more Instagram followers. Once you hit 2,000 everyone will love you and you’ll never be stressed again!

If only the solution to our problems were this simple. If only we could take a course and buy a book. Then all would be right in our world.

Here’s the truth

The problem is they don’t go deep enough. They don’t bring us to the root of our anxiety. It’s like slapping a band aid on a flesh wound; they bring only marginal healing.

What’s needed is to go deeper because when you get down to the root, when you dig through the fog of anxious despair, you find there’s another reality, another dimension hardly spoken of. This is the dimension of the soul.

What you’ll find In this 30-day devotional about fear

What you’ll find in these pages isn’t a quick fix or a one size fits all solution. No. You might not find anything, in fact. Or you may just find your whole being re-oriented at your deepest level. You may find that peace you’ve always been looking for.

You may find yourself with Jesus of Nazareth.

Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear

Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear

is a beautifully designed 30 day devotional and journal about fear and anxiety.

It also includes guided journal prompts and questions to help keep you focused on the week’s devotion topic.

If you keep looking, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to be troubled. If you look to the Man Christians call Messiah, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to have peace. In the process, you’ll find peace isn’t a thing to be had but a God to hold onto.

This devotional and journal will help you find the peace you’re longing for.

30 Devotions on Fear

Start your journey learning more about fear with this guided journal and devotion.

Read what God’s word teaches us fear, anxiety and how to control those things.

30 different authors from all different backgrounds, all around the world, come together to create a beautiful walk through God’s word answering some of the hardest questions we struggle with.

Our desire is to help people approach these sensative topics through guided devotions and thought-provoking questions for the whole family.

Journal Throughout the Month

Journal your way through the month with pointed and thought provoking questions causing you to reflect on what you just studied.

Walk through God’s word with guided questions for helping you reflect on what you just read and the scripture you just studied.

See God’s work in your life as it unfolds in this journey.

What’s inside



30 Devotions



Learn what the Bible teaches us about Fear & Anxiety


Prayer Journal

Write your prayer requests and praises out each day



Journal pages for each devotion.


Guided Questions

Question to go deeper into study


30 Different Authors

Different authors to connect with

Day 16

Lifting the Weight of an Anxious Heart

“Anxiety in a person’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up” Proverbs 12:25

It’s an epidemic. Opioid addiction has become a national epidemic in America. But it’s not only opioid-based medications that are a problem. A myriad of disorders ranging from depression to behavioral problems has brought a plague of prescription drugs on our nation. Pain isn’t always physical. When a person has an anxious heart, it’s painful—a heavy, penetrating pain. America may be a rich and powerful nation, but we’re weighed down with worry and can’t seem to get out from under this burden without a prescription.

But there is another way to deal with an anxious heart. It is surprising and simple. It doesn’t require a doctor’s appointment, a prescription, or any specialized training. Anxiety may weigh a person down, but an encouraging word makes him joyful. It may seem too simplistic. Indeed, some psychological disorders may still require treatment and medications, but genuine and meaningful encouragement is still helpful, even in severe cases. I’ve seen this firsthand.

Words are powerful. They can tear down or build someone up. They’re rarely neutral. What we hear plays back in our minds over and over, like a never-ending recording. It’s called self-talk. Destructive words go deep. They penetrate our hearts and embed themselves in our minds. Careless words stab like a sword (Proverbs 12:18). It doesn’t matter who utters these piercing words. When spoken by those we’re closest to—parents, a spouse, siblings, children, significant others, friends, people at work or school—their wounding words go deep.
So, how can we counter this internal wound? How can you and I deal with worries and wounding words? We all need to hear encouraging words of truth often and from people we trust. People who are trustworthy. Those whom we know genuinely care about us. Likewise, we need to speak encouraging words and be genuine and trustworthy to others.

Here is the counter to the words that “stab like a sword”: “Careless words stab like a sword, but the words of wise people bring healing.” (Proverbs 12:18 GW). Notice it says, “words.” Not casual or trite statements like — “Oh, they didn’t really mean that” or, “Just ignore what they say.” We need to hear genuine and encouraging words. These words need to come from people wise enough to know what we need and what is appropriate. They also need to be words of truth. “The word of truth lasts forever, but lies last only a moment.” (Proverbs 12:19 GW).

If you have an anxious heart and you’re weighed down with many words, you need to be around people you trust. People who can encourage you with the truth. Where? Church is a good place to start, but I know too that some people in churches may speak wounding words. We need to seek a community of believers who are accepting and loving in a biblical but nonjudgmental way. It could be a church or a small group connected to a church or ministry. There are no quick fixes with prescriptive words and phrases. Bible quotes are nice but too often spoken in trite ways (see James 2:15-16). A continuous flow of encouraging truth is the only way healing and restoration go deep enough in our hearts and minds. This will lighten the load of worries and wounds we encounter.

When your heart is anxious and weighed down with many worries, you need to be around people you trust. Ask God to help you see encouraging words in His written Word, the Bible. If you don’t have encouraging people around you, ask the Lord to help you find people you can trust and who are encouraging and ask for His help to be the same way for them.


God, when I need an encouraging word, I pray You provide that for me, whether from another person or from Your Word. If someone else needs encouragement, send me. Amen.

Written by Trip Kimball


Do you have people in your life that speak encouraging words to you? If not, where can you go to find them? Who can you speak encouraging words to today?




Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear helps us learn how to quiet our fear and anxiety.

The pages that follow are an invitation. They invite you to look at your anxiety and fear in the deepest levels; to go beyond what’s on the surface and get to your heart. At its core, this is an invitation to believe Jesus’ words to His disciples are words to you as well.

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful” (John 14:27).

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