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Name Above All Names: An Invitation to Remember Who Jesus Really Is

Have you forgotten who Jesus is? We humans forget so easily. We forget appointments, important tasks that need completed, and birthdays. We even forget who Jesus is and who we are in him. And when we forget who Jesus is, we doubt his love and question whether he really cares about us. We begin to think that faith is about performance and that maybe if we do enough he will come through for us.

But that’s not who our Jesus is. He isn’t looking for our performance. He desires our love and devotion.

This 31 day study through the gospel of John invites you to remember who Jesus is by focusing on the names of Jesus. The names of Jesus tell us plainly who he is. They show us how we can relate to him, what he has accomplished, and in some cases, the names of Jesus also define us. So in remembering who Jesus is, we also are reminded of who we are in him.Let this be the season you remember the name that is above every name—the name of Jesus. And in remembering him may you come to trust him more than you ever have before.

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Daily Devotion – John 9:1-5 – Light in the Darkness

Daily Devotion – John 9:1-5 – Light in the Darkness

Sometimes suffering isn’t a result of sin but an opportunity for God’s glory to be revealed through us and to us. That was the case for this man. His blindness, though he’d lived with it all his life, is about to collide with the glory of God.

Daily Devotion – John 4:39-42 – He Came for All

Daily Devotion – John 4:39-42 – He Came for All

Jesus spends most of his ministry teaching and healing and ministering to his own people, yet here on this little side trip through Samaria, these people get it. Jesus came for everyone. His salvation is for the entire world.

How wonderful that must have been the day the people believed—the day they realized they weren’t excluded anymore. They weren’t considered other-than. Instead, they saw Jesus’ salvation for them, too.

It’s for us, too—for us non-Jews who weren’t blood-born into Israel’s family, yet are born again as children of Abraham when we choose to believe Jesus and receive him as our Savior.

How marvelous, how wonderful is the love and intentionality of Jesus. He seeks out any and all who are far from him. He desires relationship. He desires that none shall perish, but have everlasting life with him (John 3:16).

Daily Devotion – John 1 – No Sweeter Name

Daily Devotion – John 1 – No Sweeter Name

The name of Jesus is something special and holy.

It truly is the name above every other name.

I encourage you to hold his name in your heart. Repeat it to yourself over and over.


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