30 Devotions for faith that moves mountains

Trials and difficult situations find us all sooner or later. As people of faith, we’re not promised smooth sailing, but we are promised a safe landing on the other shore.

When we do face difficult situations, how do we handle them? Do we use those situations to help strengthen our resolve or do we let them beat us down and shake our faith?

Devotable has put together a 30 day devotional on perseverance to help strengthen your faith and push through life’s difficult situations.

If you need encouragement, strength, or stories that remind you you’re not alone in this journey, we’d love you have you take a read through this devotional series.

Read stories and devotions from 30 different authors, from all walks of life, that will help you deepen your faith and realize that you can make it through whatever this life has in store for you.

Written By various authors

This is a compilation project by various Devotable authors.

We’ve been blessed to partner with some of the most talented bloggers and authors in the world. Now it’s time to take their writing and create something awesome.

In this 30 day devotional on perseverance, you’ll be challenged and encouraged to further your faith in Jesus by reading and journaling on each devotion.

Challenge yourself each day with a devotion specifically written to encourage and strengthen your faith.

30 Day Devotional & journal

In this 30 day devotional, you’ll hear stories from real author’s detailing their trials and tribulations. You’ll find encouragement for life’s ups and downs, and learn that Christ is our foundation.

Each story and devotion will encourage you to keep the faith, and understand that others have walked this path before you.

Trials, temptations, and uncertainty will come your way, but grounding yourself in the Word of God will help you develop faith that can move mountains!

30 Bible Based Devotions


From 30 Unique Authors

Daily Journaling Questions

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