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How can devotable help you?

Inspiring Content

Many Christians struggle or fail to find uplifting and inspiring content on a daily basis. The Christian faith is a daily walk that takes constant nuturing.

Disconnect from God

This lack of daily inspiration can lead to a feeling of disconnect from your faith and a lack of motivation to spread the Gospel. You need daily Christian inspiration.

Saturate You Life

Empower your faith daily with Devotable’s books, blogs, and Christian living resources written by faithful writers and authors.

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I’m Landen, developer, father, and Christian entreprenuer.

Hey I’m Landen. I’m just your average software developer trying to navigate this life and live it to the fullest while honoring God by reading his word daily.

I created Devotable and am trying to develop it into a brand that not only helps others stay active in God’s word daily, but also helps people share their faith as they live it out.

I’d love for you to join me and thousands of others as we read and actively participate in living out God’s word each and every day.

Download the app, subscribe to the newsletter, read, comment and share as we all seek to honor Him each day.

– Landen

My Mission

Encourage Believers

Encourage believers with insightful and powerful devotions.

Reach the Lost

Reach the lost through the power of daily scripture and devotion reading.

Spread God's Word

Spread the word of God around the world with technology.

Equality: Created Equal in His Image

A 16-week family-oriented devotional and journal.

If talking to your kids about racial equality, gender equality, and other subjects around this topic is important, this is the devotional for you.

Prayer: Approaching the Throne of Grace

Prayer: Approaching the Throne of Grace is the newest book to launch from Devotable. This compilation project features 26 devotions from different Devotable authors and 26 weeks worth of guided journal pages.

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30 Devotions for Faith that Moves Mountains

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Latest Writing

Finding God’s Presence in Hard Times

Finding God’s Presence in Hard Times

When adversity strikes, God promises we’re never alone in our hardships. His living presence brings comfort, guidance and even transformation out of the flames.

Finding God’s purpose for your life

Finding God’s purpose for your life

Wondering what your purpose in life is? As God’s children, we all have a unique Kingdom assignment based on how He carefully designed us. Discover how to live out your calling.

Finding Abundant Blessings in Christ

Finding Abundant Blessings in Christ

Uncover the 9 incredible blessings freely given to all believers in Christ – gain your heavenly position, live confidently as God’s chosen child, receive grace, discover your epic purpose, and more.

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